TAIWAN DAY 1-2: Temples & Northeast Coast

For our annual vacation, we decided to go to Taiwan. I’ve been wanting to go for some time and the recent no-visa requirement made it more feasible to go. Our flight was scheduled to depart on December 20, 2017 at 11:40pm… but due to airline delays all day, our flight was delayed until the next… Continue reading TAIWAN DAY 1-2: Temples & Northeast Coast

Random Ramblings

I Miss You, Chelsea

It’s been a year today. And I still miss you. I still cry when I look at your old photos. I still call out your name at times as if you’ll magically re-appear and come running to me. You’re still my phone’s wallpaper. You’re the sweetest, kindest and most affectionate companion. I miss you making… Continue reading I Miss You, Chelsea