Crafts & DIY

Photobooth Props.

We chose not to rent a photobooth for the wedding. Instead, we asked our photographer to assign one of his crew to take the photos for us. This meant I have to DIY some props for the "photobooth". Taking inspiration from Pinterest, we asked our florist to do the same heart frame to serve as… Continue reading Photobooth Props.

Crafts & DIY

DIY Watch Organizer.

My hands have been itching to do some crafts again.  I've been seeing these watch organizers being sold online (and I think I need one) but I didn't want to spend Php 900.00 to Php 1500.00 for JUST A BOX! Coincidentally, I have these leftover shoe boxes that's calling for some DIY projects!  Plus, the… Continue reading DIY Watch Organizer.