Crafts & DIY

Crafty Tuesday.

I know it's been weeks since my Stationery Overload post, but I've been busy! hehe Anyway, here's what I did to some of the Papemelroti stationery I have.   This is a good way to recycle papers.  The ones without print on the backside, that is! =) I have been doing this for years and… Continue reading Crafty Tuesday.

Crafts & DIY

Stationery Overload.

Recently I've found myself cleaning different parts of my room... one section at a time.  Today, I decided to clean out my collection of stationery... from way back grade school and high school! Oooh... I still remember every Friday, I'd go to that small vendor stall of stationery and other stuff near our school, all… Continue reading Stationery Overload.