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My Pen and Marker Collection

Hi, beautiful people! Since I was young, I have been fascinated by colorful things and paper. I would save up my allowance to buy fancy pens and stationeries. Mobile phones were not yet "invented", and writing letters is one of the major forms of communication! That fascination, I still have upto today. I still buy… Continue reading My Pen and Marker Collection

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New Skill: Sewing

Hi there, lovelies!  I bought a mini sewing machine via Lazada just because it was on flash sale! I bought it for Php 399.00 (roughly $8.00). Pretty cheap, right? Sewing is probably on top of my "to-learn" list. I have no experience using a sewing machine and I figured, this is the way to start.… Continue reading New Skill: Sewing

Crafts & DIY

Gifts for Your Wedding Entourage + Supplier Reviews.

If you've been following my blog, you've probably read this a few times - we have a tight budget for our wedding. While that is the case, I didn't want people, especially our entourage, to feel that they are under appreciated. Giving gifts/money to the entourage, I'd say, is customary for Chinese weddings.  I think… Continue reading Gifts for Your Wedding Entourage + Supplier Reviews.

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Supplier Review + Total Expenses: Souvenirs.

After numerous attempts of finding the "right" souvenir - we finally decided to buy Personalized M&Ms. I know what you're thinking - and yes, these didn't come cheap. It's actually triple our souvenirs budget for just the M&Ms alone! Since we have to order this in the US and delivery is restricted to the US… Continue reading Supplier Review + Total Expenses: Souvenirs.

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Supplier Review and Total Expense: Invitations.

For our invitations, we went with Print & Co. We came across them at a Bridal Fair held in Shangri-la Plaza. Initially, we got the package of Classic Invitations for Php 52 per set. Inclusions: • (PER SET) 2 pages - 5.5" x 8.5" + 1 page - 4" x 3" + 1 envelope •… Continue reading Supplier Review and Total Expense: Invitations.