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Stationery Haul # 10 | CraftieSurfacePH / Everyday Explorers / Destash

Hello! I hope you’re having a good day so far. 🙂

The items I ordered online during quarantine finally arrived 2 weeks ago! And it will be probably some time before I buy more stickers, washi tapes and paper pads. I seriously have so much I have nowhere to put them anymore! In the mean time, I will concentrate on growing my rubber stamps collection, more specifically the wood-mounted ones. I also want to expand the postcards I have. It’s not really a collection at this point and I don’t know if in the future it’ll become one. But there are certainly a few pieces that I’m having a hard time letting go and using. Sooo…. we’ll see.

I decided to show all 3 hauls in one video because there’s not a lot of them anyway. Let’s start!

I ordered this towards the end of April and I was just so unlucky that the shipping company handling the shipping suddenly stopped operations in the seller’s area so I had to wait. I tried to negotiate with the seller, but essentially, I have to cancel the current order, add them to cart one by one and do it all over again. Eventually, my order got cancelled by Shopee because it has been pending for a long time. I know there are some items missing from my original order that are no longer in stock plus the prices for the rest are now higher. Same reason why I didn’t want to cancel in the first place, but it happened anyway. And so, it came at the start of June!

The highlight for me for this package are these rubber stamp sets. These will come in handy for future bullet journal themes I have planned.

I also got a lot of girl/boy stickers, which I can’t resist; some vintage type stickers, and rose gold paper clips to include in my penpal letters.

So Everyday Explorers have released a lot of new stamps during quarantine, in the US that is. So I sent them a message, also at the start of April, if those will be released in the Philippines and they said they have a shipment but will be delayed and that they’re not sure if they’re restocking all of the stamps that are out of stock. So on June 1, I got an email update that the new ones are in stock and they are already shipping. And I just had to order them right away!

Out of the 17 (yes, 17) that I plan to buy, here’s the 6 that were available here in the Philippines.

So I joined this group a while ago and just lurked for some time. LOL I don’t have much patience waiting for each item to be posted and then have what you like snatched by someone else, because it’s whoever comments “mine” first who gets the item! Luckily, I got most of the items I wanted. The paper pad I got had originally a different design, but the seller said she couldn’t find it and asked if I wanted this instead. The first one had sort of a nautical/travel theme, but this is even better!!!

I also got a silicone stamp set with I think a Disneyland theme (because of the ears!), which was very timely for my June Bullet Journal theme; a mason jar stamp and cutting dies; and a Happy Planner sticker set. She threw in some washi samples as well.


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