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February 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Hello beautiful people!

I have been into sending penpal letters and postcrossing recently and I decided to make that into a theme. I honestly didn’t want to make a valentine related spread because I have done that as it was featured in My Bullet Journal post in 2018.

Since I can’t draw well, I looked for a vector to get an idea of how I’ll be making the cover page. I found one that I liked and copied most of the elements of that vector, but decided to use different stickers and washi tapes to decorate instead of just drawing the entire thing.
I know that the proportion of the elements on this page are not correct, but I’m still happy with how this turned out! ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s like a collage of different supplies I have. I stamped in the month title using Tombow Dual Brush Pen #685 as the ink. I will be using different shades of purple all throughout this month, but a few reds and pinks will still be in the mix.

This page is dedicated to the people who delivers our mail! I took inspiration from an Alicia Souza stamp of a postman and stamped in a mailbox and a paper plane. I’ve kept this page as simple as this as this will serve as our meal planner. Same as last month, I used the Everyday Explorers Stamps Calendar Days for the days of the week and Dated for the days of the month.

WEEK 0 (February 1 – 2)
I made a separated spread for these 2 days mainly because I wanted it in my February spread instead of in January. I only added the calendar and will be using the habit tracker from January. I printed out a direction post I found on Pinterest to decorate this page. Stamped in the dates using a Days of the Week Stamp Set and Lined Number Stamp Set and then colored it in using the Tombow Dual Brush Pen #673.

On the adjacent page, I decided to write love letters to myself. I made an envelope using a pink decorative paper with hearts then stamped in the title and a paper plane and little hearts. I will be writing snippets of my day, words of encouragement, quotes I liked, photos or anything really to be read in the future.

WEEK 1 (February 3 – 9)
In this first week, I made it out like the old school air mail envelope. So first, the calendar and habit tracker on opposite sides, then I stamped in this girl, probably journaling instead of letter writing, but that will do! ๐Ÿ˜œ I also printed out the red and blue striped pattern and pasted it to make it look like an envelope. I stamped the dates using the same stamps from before, and the Alphabet Typewriter Stamp Set for the days of the week!

WEEK 2 (February 10 – 16)
It’s postcards week for me! I used a Memories and Things clear stamp of a postcard and stamped a collage of postcards! I left out the writings on the clear stamp so I can write inside the stamped postcard. Does that make sense?! LOL

WEEK 3 (February 17 – 23)
This page originally had a different design. I kept putting off taking a photo because I wasn’t too happy with it. Luckily, I was able to remove the stickers I’ve placed with very minimal damage. I replaced it with a postage stamp page! I used Everyday Explorers Choose Your Adventure Stamp Set and Memories & Things Clear Stamps to complete this page. I like that it’s currently all black and white because after I fill this in, the main design will stand out and won’t make this page look cluttered.

For more bullet journal related photos, updates and more, follow me on Instagram @serendipityandbliss.

***NOTE*** I will be updating this post as I setup my journal weekly.

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