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December 2019 Bullet Journal Setup

December is my favorite month and since this is my bullet journal comeback, I am going to be extra festive for this month. There’s A LOT of things I need to do so starting my journal on this month is a good thing. And it surely helped me prioritize and plan out my days.

Anyway, the theme is….. ANYTHING CHRISTMAS, of course! I will have different “themes” per week that’s anything related to December or Christmas.

I am mainly using several rubber stamps to decorate my spreads.  I can’t draw very well, but I make do. 😊  And if you prefer to watch than to read, here’s the plan with me video. >>>

For the cover page, I made made a wreath using the Christmas Stamps I have been holding on to for a year! This was a bit tedious to make, but I love the overall effect. I also just colored in the bow with a red Crayola Supertips Marker.

I opted for a simple monthly and will only be using Green as my accent color all throughout the month. This will serve as my meal planner until I figure out another format maybe in the next few months. On the left side are my running to do list and events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). And on the bottom part of the right page, I initially stuck a Christmas Washi Tape there, but after a few days, I changed my mind, so I made a Playlist section instead.

WEEK 1 (December 1 – 8)
For the first week of December, I used my ornaments stamp to decorate the page. I wanted to journal continuously this week. I am really liking the [semi] minimalist look… until I wrote stuff in it! LOL πŸ˜‚

WEEK 2 (December 9 -15)
This time, I opted for a structured week by making boxes per day. There’s probably going to have less journaling this week, but just a list of things I need to accomplish. I used a white stamp pad to stamp the different snowflakes on black strips of paper. Then used a Uni-ball Signo White pen for the mini dots. I also made a video of my planning process. You can watch it below. >>>

WEEK 3 (December 16 -22)
For the third week, I opted for a horizontal setup. I used Christmas-themed stickers to mark each day and stamped in the days and dates of the week (as I usually do). If you noticed, the stamp font I used has changed. This is because… I lost the previous stamp set just last week!!! I brought that with my journal somewhere… and it just disappeared! LOL I can’t even remember where I got the stamp set. 😩 Total bummer. Anyway, on the bottom right side, I stamped in a Christmas village silhouette and printed out part of the song, The First Noel. As Christmas is approaching, I hear more Christmas songs everywhere I go so, this makes sense to me! 😜

WEEK 4 (December 23 – 29)
The fourth week of December is Christmas and also my Birthday week. I was actually born on Christmas Day! I wanted this week to be simple yet festive with some space to put photos in. I wish I had given more space for the photos than restricting them onto these spaces. I will show an after photo below so you see what I mean! 😝

This was the aftermath! 😜

So that’s my entire December setup! It was indeed a busy month and there were a few hiccups along the way, but in the end I am still happy and blessed. Another year older, hopefully another year wiser, too. πŸ˜‰ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! πŸ₯‚


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