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Rubber Stamps Collection | Wood Mounted

I have so many collections, I know.  And here’s another one.

When I was younger, my sister and I would buy customized rubber stamps with our names or “take care” or “friends forever” sort of thing. Anything we could think of really. My Dad also had stamps made for his business use and we’d send in our requests with that. This is where this addiction cultivated and I won’t buy rubber stamps until later in my life.


As I was browsing in Aliexpress years later, I found thousands upon thousands of rubber stamps, both wood mounted and clear ones.  And that re-ignited the craving for stamps! LOL

I only use these in my journal, letters and gift tags — not anything business related.  And I can’t stop buying them!  Any cute thing really.  Even after purchasing some, I’d have more in my cart for a later purchase!  I need help! 🙂

I also have clear stamps, but I will probably share them in another video. The clear stamps are easier to store than the wood mounted ones, so as much as possible I buy the clear ones.  But what can I do if the ones I like are only available as wood mounted stamps?!  I now have a drawer full of these and I still want more!!!!

So here’s to showcasing my stamp collection – the wood mounted ones.


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