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My New Paperang P2

It’s December!!!

December is my favorite month… Or maybe I’m just a little biased! 😉.  There are three major occasions that we celebrate during this month — our Wedding Anniversary, my birthday and Christmas.

Aside from it being Christmas Day, December 25th is also my birthday. Since forever, I would usually only get one gift (both for my birthday and Christmas). And that bummed me out when I was younger. Lol Now, that’s just the norm.

For the past two years, I would joke to my husband that he is obligated to give me three gifts! But regardless of how many gifts he gives me, the thing I want most is to spend time with him.

This new Paperang P2 is one of his gifts to me. (Yup! That’s my husband using the props I made for the photo booth on our wedding!) Related: Photo Booth Props.

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This portable printer is bluetooth powered and is operated through its app. There are various options to choose from and ready-made templates for easier use.

I bought these during the Lazada 12.12 Sale. All items were delivered within three days after ordering online! Yey!


Fantasy Amuse Creative Products
* Paperang P2 Unit
* Silicone Case
* Thermal Paper (3 rolls)
* Waterproof Thermal Paper Sticker (3 rolls)

My total cost for these is Php 3,513.68 after all the discounts. The Paperang P2 alone was originally priced at Php 2,899. So it was really a steal!

* Thermal Paper Sticker – 2 pack set, 6 rolls

This was not on a discount. Bought them for Php 549.


When I first “pitched” this to my husband, he asked me why I wanted it. He didn’t understand what it could do. Still a bit apprehensive, he agreed to buy it anyway.

When it was delivered, I showed him how it can function in different ways. He was completely amused and wanted to print more! 🙂 We’ll bring this to our trip to Taiwan!

For more information about Paperang Portable Printers, visit their website.



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