Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal | April 2018


Hello, lovelies!

Today I am sharing to you my April Bullet Journal spread. I started making this mid-March, but we had back-to-back vacation trips that I didn’t have enough time to properly write about it until now. Some of the pages here are already partly filled out unlike my previous months’ spreads.

Let’s move on.

I recently bought a rubber stamp set that had bees and flowers in them and that was the inspiration for this month. For the cover page, I used a stencil to draw the little hexagons and painted them in different shades of yellow.  This was quite tedious to make – had to stop , step out and come back several times!  I used a stamp for the bee and drew over it to make the outline uniform.


My habit tracker is the same as last month’s setup, but I might change this up in the next month.  I like how it is, but I want to track less things.  I drew a bee hive to decorate this page.

On the right side is my meal plan for the month.  I have only filled a part of it because we have not gone to the market/grocery as of this writing!  For this week, I am cooking stuff that’s leftover in our freezer… and I’m just winging it everyday!  My market/grocery list are written on the post-its, which I can just peel off when we’re ready to shop!


Next it my monthly log.  I have kept it the same format as last month’s and this might change for next month. I used mini square stickers that I’ve recently bought from a local bookstore to keep track of birthdays.  They came in different color sets so I’ll use the color that best suit my monthly theme.  In this case, yellow.

I also included a mood tracker on the left side to fill in the space.  I don’t know why I drew the hexagons so big!

On the right side I saved a space for my task list, blog ideas and baking ideas as per usual.


My daily log/journal pages are pretty boring this month. I really didn’t personalise each week except for the first one.  I just drew boxes for each day and stamped the dates. This might also change next month – will probably go back to free hand journaling rather than planning them in advance.  I find that I am sometimes limited in the spacing (just like the first entry of the month.

Materials used for this month’s spread:
– Tokyo Finds Bento Picasso Watercolor Set
– Pigma Micron 01, 02, 03, 05
– Tombow Dual Brush Pens 025,055, 090, 451, 620, 800, 856, 933, 985, N95
– Stencils
– Stamps
– Stickers
– Pencil
– Ruler
– Eraser

If you decide to re-create this theme, share in the comments section below. 🙂

Happy journaling!


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