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How I Clean My Beauty Blenders

I used to be an all-brush girl and that worked out just fine regardless if the product I’m using is cream-based, liquid-based or powder-based.

When beauty blenders became a thing, of course I wanted to try them! However, I didn’t want to buy expensive ones that cost $20-$25 each. So I searched for the next best thing – at Daiso! For less than $2, I got one to try out and see what the hype was about.

I might never know how the original one is compared to the dupes, but I am quite satisfied with the cheaper version. I bought about a dozen more after that first purchase. Not because they are not durable enough, but because I wanted back ups (when I’m lazy) and in different shapes and colors!

And being lazy to clean them is the reason why I’m writing this!

After several failed attempts of completely removing make up stains on my beauty blenders, I searched the interwebs for DIY techniques to do so.

I found one that works like a charm. Plus: the ingredients I needed were items I already have and use at home.

Here’s the before situation. The purple one and top right one are the oldest beauty blenders I have. They are pretty used and beat up, but I refuse to discard them!

Ingredients & Procedure:
• 1 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• 2-3 tsp mild Liquid Hand Soap (I used a Daiso kind, LOL)
• Brush Egg Cleaning Tool, optional
• Water

1. Soak the beauty blender in water until wet. Squeeze out excess water.
2. In a small plate/container, mix together EVOO and liquid hand soap.
3. Roll the dirty beauty blender in the mixture, coating completely.
4. With your fingers, start massaging the beauty blender to remove the make up stains or use the brush egg cleaning tool.
5. Rinse in running water and repeat the process for tougher stains.
6. Rinse thoroughly until no soap suds visible.
7. Squeeze out excess water and air dry.

* Note: a single recipe can clean 1-2 beauty blenders depending on how dirty it is. You can easily multiply the recipe according to your need.

Here are the clean ones – completely make up stain-free!

Hope you try this technique out and let me know how it went in the comments below! 🙂


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