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Scribble Starter Kit

Hello there lovelies!

I have been practicing my calligraphy using brush pens for the past week. And I’m happy that so far I’m making good progress. Hands are still a bit wobbly, but I practice everyday to improve that.

I was thinking of a new thing to learn for next month, so I ordered this scribble kit made by The Craft Central. Since I still want and need to pursue calligraphy, this would be a good next step!

These are everything inside the box:

  1. 6 Nibs
  2. Speedball Oblique Holder
  3. Standard Straight Holder
  4. India Ink
  5. Walnut Ink
  6. 2 Empty Jars
  7. Gum Arabic
  8. 2 Pearl Pigments
  9. Black Notepad
  10. Scribble Pad
  11. Scribble Manual

Right now I am overwhelmed. I don’t have an idea where to start. Some of the items included in the box I have not heard of… buy I always like a challenge!

So excited to use these!


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