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Hello lovelies!
Our first year wedding anniversary is just around the corner. And I wanted to make something for Don. Traditionally, the first anniversary gift is paper so I’m making him a pop-up card! And of course giving him something else. We have nothing special planned for the said date. Unfortunately, Don’s office Christmas Party will be held on the same day… so a proper “date” is out of the picture. We’ll be going on vacation next week so we’ll celebrate everything then including Christmas and my birthday! 🙂
Anyway, I am making a simple I♥U pop-up card. You can watch the full tutorial in this YouTube video by Crafting Hours. This is the most detailed instructions I could find and I am very happy with the results!

I chose to leave it simple and altered a few of the measurements to fit the design I wanted to achieve.  Overall, this is a fairly easy DIY!

If you make or had made this, comment below on how it went!

Happy holidays!


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