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Life Update and New Business Ventures

Hello, lovelies!

It’s been about 3 months since I resigned from my last work place. And I have been doing so much around the house – basically doing nothing quite important like organizing my cooking/baking stuff twice, “spring” cleaning, making a scrapbook for our wedding photos and starting a hobby that didn’t catch on as of date. LOLs

Anyways… having the intention of operating a home business for the time being or join food bazaars, I started making baked goods that are easily marketable, packaging them differently than usual to bring the cost down. The main idea was to do my costing and  since we can’t eat everything ourselves, I asked Don to try to sell them in his workplace. Our best seller is the chocolate hazelnut revel bars.


I sell these in a small pack for Php50.00 ($1.00).  Coffee shops and other stores sell these for almost the same price for only 1 rectangular bar (equivalent to about 4-5 pieces of this size). For special orders, packaging and quantity will depend on the client’s requirements.

There are concessionaires and employees in Don’s office that also sell baked goods so competition is pretty steep. Plus, they know the “market” more than I do. So I have to be very original in what I intend to make and sell. Coincidentally, no one sells revel bars!

I am continuously experimenting and trying out new products to market. I even accepted orders for Christmas giveaways.  Right now, I am content with how this is going – no permanent commitments until I am sure this is a long term business.

Another new thing in my life now is a travel agency my mom and my aunt are putting up together.  They will be in the background, basically investors and advisors, while my cousin and I will be the frontrunners of the business.  I am challenged, but quite underwhelmed with everything.  It is going all too fast and I am anxious of what the future holds.  With no experience in this industry and in sales, I am scared.  However, I have high hopes that after the formal training, I will feel more confident.

So there you go. That’s whats making me busy these days!
Stay happy! Cheers! 🙂


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