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New Skill: Sewing

Hi there, lovelies!  I bought a mini sewing machine via Lazada just because it was on flash sale! I bought it for Php 399.00 (roughly $8.00). Pretty cheap, right?

Sewing is probably on top of my “to-learn” list. I have no experience using a sewing machine and I figured, this is the way to start. I may never be an expert on this, but sometimes it becomes handy to make something yourself rather than buying ready made stuff.

I have not tested the unit since it was delivered 2 or 3 weeks ago. So today is the unboxing and testing stage.

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Product Details (as indicated on the site):
* Electric sewing machine
* Two speed controls
* Convenient foot pedal switch
* Double stitch capability
* Easy to replace bobbins
* Sews all sorts of fabrics
* FREE 29-piece sewing kit

REVIEW: What was obvious upon unboxing were a few stains on the unit (see: near logo). This is really not a big deal, but I wonder why there are stains if the unit is supposedly brand new. Anyway, it is compact and saves storage space. I had to watch a video tutorial on how to use the machine (again, no previous experience!). I was able to sew within 10 minutes. Although, I don’t know if it’s me, or the fabric I’m using or the machine itself, but the fabric tends to shift sideways while sewing, so I had to stop once in a while to keep the stitch straight. Maybe a few more practice sessions would solve this.

My overall review and rating for this product would be 4/5. The unit was delivered on time; it’s in good working condition; and accessories are complete. Maybe the only downside are the visible stains.



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