Sibyullee Flavors of Seoul.

Sibyullee [Shib-Yool-Lee] is a restaurant inspired by Korean street food. It is located at Ayala at the 30th in Pasig.

We decided to have Sunday lunch here. The restaurant was almost full when we got there so the food must be good!

We ordered the Signature BBQ Combo Set 3,  which includes Golbi Cheese BBQ, beef belly, pork belly, Tornado Potato, Pajeon, Volcano Kimchi Fried Rice, White Rice and Soup.
What I love about Korean restaurants… is the banchan! And Sibyullee didn’t disappoint. There were only 6 standard banchans: Kimchi (of course), Pickled Cucumber, Pickled Radish, Macaroni Salad, Spicy Watercress and Sweetened Peanuts with fried Anchovies.

To be honest, I don’t like anything fermented/pickled food. So my only choices were the peanuts and macaroni salad. The peanuts with anchovies I love love love love. Would have been better if it was a little spicy!

The Tornado Potato we’ve seen being sold in the streets of Korea. And there are local stores/kiosks who sell this, too. Anyway, this was okay. It’s like thick potato chips in a skewer. Not a lot of flavor.  Not a big fan.

Next up is the Golbli Cheese BBQ. I’m not sure what it is with cheese, but this is cheese overload! You’d think it will be weird to dip your barbequed meat in ooey gooey cheese, but it is surprisingly delicious! This was grilled/cooked table side and it was entertaining! Haha You don’t see a lot of table side cooking in casual restaurants so…

Then we were served the beef and pork belly, which we grilled ourselves. Other than their tenderness, these didn’t have much flavor to it. Yes, I know they are served “fresh” and unmarinated, but a little salt and pepper might actually help.

Time for something else. Aah, the Pajeon.  In their menu description, it is a seafood pancake with shrimp, squid, Korean mussels and green onions. The other seafoods might be chopped so finely it’s barely recognizable, but I only tasted the obvious one: the shrimp. This was an okay dish. Again, a bit more seasoning is needed. I enjoyed it nonetheless. I dipped it in soy sauce with sesame oil to add some flavor.

Lastly, the Volcano Kimchi Fried Rice. If the Golbi wasn’t cheese overload enough, this might fix the problem! It’s kimchi fried rice cooked table side with 2 kinds of cheese. The photo was taken before the other cheese was poured into the “hole” in the rice – barely making it a so called volcano. When the server sliced the rice in half to expose the supposed cheese lava – there was barely anything that oozed out. Total fail. Probably seeped into the rice. Then she proceeded to mix the cheese into the rice and cooked it some more. Again, since I’m not a big fan of fermented food, I didn’t eat this. Needs improvement in the execution part.

Ambiance: While the inspiration is Korean street food, the store’s interior is very light and welcoming. Looked like a cafe – very inviting. However, if they’re cooking table side, the isle size is not enough. Once that cart is in place, you have to maneuver yourself if you’re passing through or find another route to get past it.

Service: At first, we were attended quite fast. Our server, Paula, was very helpful and gave suggestions on what we can order. However, after all our food had been served, all requests made were ignored and we had to ask 2-3 more times to get a refill for drinks and their “unlimited” banchan. My last refill request didn’t even come at all. Same thing happened when we asked for the bill and for the leftovers to be wrapped. One particular server gave me a “disappointed sad look” whenever I asked for banchan refills.

Value for Money: Php2400 for 4 persons is a bit steep. That’s Php600 per person! I’d rather go to a different Korean BBQ restaurant and get a lot more for my money.

Overall experience: It was a mixed experience. I could only say, the cheeses stood out, but that’s it. Service is a big thing for me and if that is not consistent, then the chances of me going back is highly unlikely.

So with that, I’m giving this 1/3 Chef Critique img_1188255634475_1041


2 thoughts on “Sibyullee Flavors of Seoul.

    1. Hi, @ma. lourdes g. soldevilla! Happy birthday! I have not visited the restaurant since this review. Their food/service may have already changed or hopefully improved. We ate there when they were fairly new. So hopefully things have improved.

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