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Storage of Ingredients

Over the years, I realized that the kind of storage containers for my baking ingredients play a big role in mmaintaining its quality.

I’ve always wanted the big clear jars I see on TV, but it is really practical to use?

Currently, I use big air tight containers for my ingredients. First, because it preserves the quality of the ingredients. And second, because of convenience.

I use the spoon and level method when measuring flour and sugar. So if I store them in cutesy jars with a little mouth opening, it would be messy. These containers like mine would eliminate that problem. It also prevents foreign contaminants from entering the containers.

Aside from choosing a good container, I label each one, too. I keep a masking tape and marker handy to label any food container (especially frozen items). You can use any label maker or simply use the masking tape and marker to tag your containers.

I also like to keep track of the expiration dates of my ingredients. So I either cutout the info from the box and attach it to my container or use a piece of masking tape to identify that. I also include the brand so I know which brand to buy again. I am constantly in the look out for better brand options so this helps a lot.

I choose being practical over being fancy. For me, the glass jars could become heavy and could pose as a hazzard, too. The containers I currently use are lightweight and user-friendly.

Whatever kind of storage containers you decide to use, keep in mind the functionality you want to achieve. 😉


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