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Air Purifier

My mom has been bugging me about buying an air purifier coz I have allergic rhinitis and would sneeze a lot!  This is usually triggered by dust and other allergens.  It can be an inconvenience at times, but I have gotten used to it over the years.

I’ve been looking for one at the mall which cost range from Php3000 to Php5000. And I’m pretty sure it all works the same, but all of that feels very expensive.

Finding a cheaper alternative was easy. But will the quality be the same as that of expensive or branded ones?

I searched Lazada as I would always do and looked for a product that had good reviews. I came across the Good Air Refreshen Air Purifier with free 3 Humidifier Scent, which had mixed reviews but was still rated 4.2 stars.  This only cost Php 699 – very cheap compared to mall prices! And since I received a Php 200 coupon from my last purchase, I only had to pay Php 499 for it!

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The delivery was fast and I received it 2 days after I ordered it.

Listed features:

  • 220V-240V/50Hz
  • Maximum Coverage: 200m3
  • Capacity: 400CBM/Day
  • Max. Power: 10W
  • lights: 4 LED lights
  • Cleanses air and eliminates odors
  • Increases mental clarity and enhances vitality
  • FDA Approved / PSB Certified

Surprisingly, this worked really well. It is smaller than the ones in the mall, but the scents were fragrant.  I would say it is more fragrant when used in a small air conditioned room. It still works in a bigger room, such as our living room, but it’s not as fragrant.  It was still refreshing just the same.  Good news is – I don’t sneeze that often anymore and I sleep better. 😀😀😀 The LED lights double as a night light, too!

I waited about a week before writing about it just to check its durability and so far it is still working properly.

Product rating: 4/5



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