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Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer.

We were gifted a juicer for our wedding. I was so excited when I saw the generic box as it read “Hurom”. It was extremely bubble wrapped, too. So I had to wait before opening it.

A few days after our wedding, I opened the box and it was a different model than what I had hoped it would be – a Hurom DH-900.  But the good news is… the receipt was included inside!


I called the company indicated on the receipt to ask if we can possibly replace the juicer with a different model. After waiting for a day for “approval”, they finally said yes, but we’re only limited to the H-AA series.

Right the very next day, Don and I went to their office and exchanged it. Since the older model costs less than the H-AA model, we have to settle the difference. We chose the Ferrari Red one.


The original price of the H-AA is Php 19,995, plus 10% discount making it Php 17.995.50 while the DH-900 is worth Php 11,196.  So we only had to settle Php 6,799.50. Not bad at all. 😊

I was only able to use it this week as we were able to finally go to the grocery to stock up.  Some significant differences from other Hurom models are:

  • 40 rpm
  • Pulp Control
  • Safety sensors which only allows the unit to operate if the chamber is properly installed
  • Fine, coarse, and ice cream strainer attachments are included

Ginger + Lemon + Apple

Broccoli + Lettuce + Celery + Lemon + Pineapple + Apple

Don was pleased with the results! He was excited to drink these juices. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

I was initially worried that the Green juice would immediately discolor, just like it would in the store when my colleagues would make it, but I was wrong! It stayed Green until I finished drinking the juice 12 hours later.

We are extremely satisfied with the Hurom Slow Juicer. I experimented with making ice cream today and it went well, too! Don has no reason not to “eat” fruits and vegetables anymore! Hahaha

Share your thoughts and stories about this product in the comment section below. I will update the post when I have made another batch of ice cream and other juices!

Happy juicing!

***NOTE*** Photos of the juicers were grabbed from Google.

UPDATE: January 18, 2017

I made Watermelon Sorbet using frozen leftover watermelon and condensed milk. This is soooo yummy! 🍧


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