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Selfie Light

I am starting a new series of posts where I’ll make reviews of products bought online. These products may or may not be already well known.

For this post, I ordered from Lazada.  I saw this video on Facebook and it got me thinking about selfie lights.


I already have a monopod and I don’t use it as much anymore coz it’s bulky.  But a selfie light can actually be useful especially if you know you’ll be in a semi dark space and taking lots of photos (example: concerts, bars, etc.). The flash only makes your face all white and unflattering.

There were a lot of options, but I decided to get the 3-in-1 Multi LED Lens in white.  For some reason, the white one cost less than the pink and black ones.  I got this for Php 239 plus 10% discount = Php 215.

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It is pretty straightforward, but the ad had a lengthy description with features, which I think does not apply to this product at all like having 3 light settings. SIDE NOTE: I just re-checked the ad  now and they have changed it and removed my review.

Anyway, the product was delivered 2 days after I placed the order.  And obviously, the item did not match its “supposed” description, but that’s fine.  I knew that was too good to be true for such a cheap price.


Nevertheless, the product works.  It came with a charger cable, a lens cover (useless, I think) and a travel pouch.  I tried removing the lens from the selfie light and it doesn’t come off so what’s the lens cover for?!  The light itself is clipped onto your phone and can work in front or back cameras. However, the lens kept detaching from the clip. You have to be really “careful” when handling it otherwise the clip falls off. It’s poorly made/constructed to be honest.

We used this while we were in Hong Kong Disneyland last December during the lights/fireworks show.

Here are sample photos:

Photo with no LED
Photo using LED – less shadow on face


Overall, I think this product works. Although it’s not as sturdy as I’d expect, it did its job! This was also useful when I pluck my eyebrows! TMI sorry. 😊

Update 09/19/19 – I totally forgot to update! The pin at the back (clip) broke a few months after.  :/

Product Rating: 3/5


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