Make Up Brushes.

These came in today!!!! I ordered them via Lazada 2 days ago and they arrived earlier today!

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10-piece Oval Cream Puff Brushes – Php 805.50
The Oval Cream Puff Brushes from Choice Beautys have very soft bristles. Other reviews said that the handle is delicate and can break easily, but they look and feel sturdy to me. It is not easily bendable as any other cheap brushes. I am looking forward to using these! However, I hope there were instructions or labels as to which brush is used to which areas on the face. This will be especially helpful for beginners like me! Overall, I am satisfied. Will post an update once I have used them. 🙂

UPDATE 09/27/16: I used the brushes 2 days ago and I am very pleased with how it feels on the face, very very soft and delicate. I am now changing my first impression about the handles – the bigger brushes are more bendable, while the smaller ones are more durable. So handling and storing is critical. I realized, these brushes are more effective on cream based products compared to powdered products. All in all, not a bad purchase! 🙂 Still satisfied.

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Make Up For You 24-Piece Pink Brushes with Egg Brush Cleaner – Php 719.10
It’s pretty neat, isn’t it?  Pink was not actually my first choice coz there were quite a few choices in color. But this looked to appealing and fancy! The brushes are made of synthetic hairs but they are soft. It came with the pouch with each brush individually packaged with plastic covering. Some had “brush protectors” also. The handle is made of wood so it is light weight and will not strain your hand when used. The egg brush cleaner is made of rubber. The hole is enough to fit 2 fingers. I actually used this to clean my sponges and it did its job! Again, I will post an update when I’ve used at least some of them.

I bought 2 different kinds of brushes because sometimes I am just lazy or in a hurry. So I grab the easiest tools to use. My old brushes needs updating anyway. And what better way to spice it all up than to have variety and a splash of color!

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