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DIY 4-in-1 Lipstick Case.

I was cleaning/re-organizing my make up drawer earlier today. And I realized I have a lot of empty compact powders stored away.  So I thought of making a DIY Lipstick Case.

I used a bronzer palatte that I haven’t used for a long time and some lipsticks that are (as you can see) pretty beat up. You can use other cases such as old eye shadow palattes or old lip gloss mini jars. I just think this compact case will make for a good 4-in-1 lipstick palatte. 😀

First, I removed the contents of the compact case, washed it and dried it thoroughly.

Since I’m making this a 4-in-1 lipstick case, I have to make a “divider” to mold each one. I just used a folded paper and covered it in foil. Then reinforced it with a masking tape so it doesn’t move while I’m molding.

I removed the lipstick from the tube to the spoon, “smushed” it up then lighted the igniter under the spoon until everything has melted. If there are air bubbles, pop it off using the toothpick. Then gently transfer it to the case. It usually sets immediately, but I opted to put it in the freezer for about a minute to let it harden. I used a cutter to separate the lipstick from the foil.  NOTE: I did this on the second color when I realized the lipstick was sticking to the foil. It ruined the first one, but I didn’t want to repeat the process anymore. 😬 Then repeat the process if you’re doing multiple colors like I did.

Overall, I think I did a fairly good job. It is my first time to do it, so it may not be perfect, but I completed a project! So, yey!

Now you don’t have to bring several different lipstick tubes and dig through your bag. You have your favorite lipstick shades in one compact case! 👍🏻


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