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Photobooth Props.

We chose not to rent a photobooth for the wedding. Instead, we asked our photographer to assign one of his crew to take the photos for us. This meant I have to DIY some props for the “photobooth”.

Taking inspiration from Pinterest, we asked our florist to do the same heart frame to serve as the design for the photobooth. And since we’re having a garden wedding, the garden will serve as the background. We already have the advantage, so why not use it, right?

I looked online for free templates, downloaded and printed them, then traced it onto the materials I’d use for that specific prop.  It’s actually still a lot of work even with the templates. I will credit the websites I downloaded from at the end of the post.

Not wanting to spend a lot for props, I asked my boss if we have old menu boards that I can take home and luckily she gave me a huge, double boarded menu. You’ll see in the photos that I have 2 pieces of the thought bubbles per kind. That was the advantage of the double boards! I only had to trace one, but cut out 2 pieces at once! Plus, I have less props to carry since both sides of the boards can be decorated. 🙂

I used old felt sheets I have left from previous craft projects, a lot of glue and viola!

This is only the start. I have a lot more props to do.

For free downloadable photobooth props, visit these links:


UPDATE 08.25.2016 These are what I’ve finished so far. I will be adding a few more and then, I’m done!


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