Cebu Day 3.

For our third day, Don hired a tour guide. We agreed to leave at 4:30am to go Whale Watching in Oslob. And boy, that was so much fun!

We paid Php 500.00 each for the whale shark snorkeling plus Php 100.00 entrance fee. All gears are included in the fee. There’s a brief orientation: do’s and dont’s. Then we were off to the boat.  You have 30 minutes to take as many photos as you want. You can rent an underwater camera and they’ll provide you a CD for Php 550.00.  Don bought a GoPro Camera the day before our trip, so it came very handy!  I probably drank 2 liters of fishy sea water during this activity, but it was all worth it! The whale sharks were so near us. They looked friendly and not scary at all. They are fed every morning while entertaining tourists and let loose around noon.

 We ate breakfast after taking a quick shower before heading off to the next location. Random thought: This is what I want to see everyday when I retire. Haha

The original plan was to go to Tumalog Falls, but we decided to go straight to Kawasaki Falls in Moalboal. It was at least 2.5 hours from Oslob to Kawasan. There’s a 15-20 minute [rough road] walk going to the falls. Or you can hire a habal-habal, Php 50.00 per ride per person. Entrance fee is Php 20.00 per person. And Php 140.00 for the tour guide.

It was beautiful indeed! Clear blue waters, peaceful, the sun shining. It is a little piece of paradise.

We decided to rent a raft going to the falls for Php 300.00. What we didn’t know was, the people who will assist you, in this case there’s 2 of them, you have to also pay Php 300.00 each!!! What a rip off! Renting a table costs Php 300.00, too!

  We left after an hour or so and decided to head back to Simala Church, which was on the other side of the province. We were on a time crunch because the church closes at 5:00pm. We left Kawasan at around 1:20pm and arrived in Simala at 4:54pm! We barely made it! Haha

We stopped over in Argao to buy more tableya, and to try their torta. Torta is basically a mamon!  

Now, for Cebu’s Castle Church, the Simala Shrine in Sibonga. Majestic, isn’t it? They’re making improvements all around the compound. The Simala-Lagondon Church is believed to grant miracles by the Virgin Mary.



We went back to the hotel after this, arrived there at around 8:00pm.  I was mostly asleep on the trip home.

We went to Mango Square and ate at Zubuchon.  It was late so I guess the best lechon parts were already sold!

I will make a separate review of this restaurant. Click here for more info. It was sumptuous dinner, indeed!➰


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