Cebu Day 2.

We woke up a little later than planned, so we decided to skip breakfast at Abaca Baking Company.

Next on the list was going to JY Square Mall to buy tablea for my mom. Had to taste Tabléa‘s Sipping Dark Chocolate before I actually buy something. 🤓 It comes in a tiny cup, but hmmm… It is sooo good! There’s a balance of sweetness and bitterness. 👍🏻 Perfect to start my day! Bought 3 Argao tablea packs, 2 for mom and 1 for me!

 Since it’s almost lunch time, we decided to  eat lunch at Casa Verde.  Read my separate review here.

IMG_2428 Next up is Waterfront Hotel, which was across the IT Park. We just went around to take some photos. Went inside the Casino and played one round of slots.
 Went to Ayala Mall after to rest and so that Don could buy his Cebu Starbucks tumbler. Then we took a cab going to the heritage sites.

Visited Casa Gorordo first but it was closed for renovation/upgrading.

At the corner of the street, there’s the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House.  It had Php 50.00 entrance fee per person.  The  floors are squeaking as you take your steps. Really full of history. Generations (Don’s opinion) of dining tables are all over the place. Antique dining sets are placed on each of the tables. You’ll also see china cabinets, religious statues, family portraits, old kitchen equipment and more! This is a must see when you visit Cebu.


After the ancestral house, there’s the Heritage of Cebu Monument. This monument depicts several historic moments, churches and people.  These were the ones I could identify.

Sergio Osmeña Sr.; back view of Basilica del Sto. Niño; Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral; Saint John the Baptist Church; Magellan’s Cross

L to R: Miguel Lopez de Legazpi; A Spanish Galleon; Chinese traders
L to R: Lapu-Lapu; Ferdinand Magellan

Next and last stop for the day is Shamrock Pasalubong Center! I know it’s only our second day, but checking it off our list meant we don’t have to cram on the last day! I spent a little over Php 2000.00 for all the pasalubongs I bought.

That’s it for the day! ➰


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