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My House is Now a Home.

The contractors has just finished doing the major renovations in my condo unit2 weeks ago.  I am quite happy with the outcome and I just couldn’t wait to start decorating and arrange my closet!

But before that, I posted tried posting a blog about my kitchen when they finished installing all my kitchen appliance, but I guess the internet connection was bad and it didn’t post.  I was always tired from work and didn’t get to check until recently.  So I will just include a summary of that supposed post. 🙂

This is the living room. The design  of the wall to wall shelving wasn’t followed to the T, but I am still pleased with the outcome.  I need another day, without any distractions, to completely decorate this area. hehehe  And also, buy decorative baskets to hide some clutter!  Sofa’s arriving soon and I have added a few decorations also. Will show you an updated version on my next post.


This is the closet area.  I just finished hanging all my clothes last Sunday.  And yes, I bought about 180 hangers, maybe more, to accommodate all my clothes.  I didn’t get to use all of them though about 40 hangers to spare! hahaha  Another reason to shop for clothes?!  Naaaah! I think I have more than enough for now.  Rethinking of replacing the plastic drawers, which I had for more than 10 years now. *Sorry for the mini clutter on the left side of the closet! 😁* This is still a work in progress.  I still have a lot to do in this room, but it is funcional now!


Lastly, this is the kitchen: the most important part of the house, my santuary, but a bit neglected these days. Lol

These are the few of my favorite things in the kitchen:

ELBA GAS RANGE. This was very expensive. Out of budget to be honest, but I would rather spend now than have headaches on cheaper, dysfunctional stoves. I had a hard time finding a gas range that has four burners. The more common ones are with three burners and one hot plate. We’ve had that kind of stove and we NEVER used the hotplate. It only served as a trivet most of the time! Haha  

 SAMSUNG REFRIGERATOR. This is actually not the model I initially wanted. I prefer the freezer to be at the bottom. But due to height space issues (stupid cabinet on top!) I had to settle for a different one (read: this!) Regardless if I wanted this or not, so far, I am impressed with its performance. The freezer is quite small, but it serves its purpose. My refrigerator is somewhat empty right now: vegetables, condiments, milk and water are its only contents. It easily fills up when Don is here though! Lol And I must say, my electric bill is lower than what I expected it to be. This was a really good decision.

KITCHEN BARS. One of the things I had installed are these bars, which are designed for the bathroom, but I wanted bars on top of the sink to hang wet kitchen towels and commonly used kitchen utensils. I don’t have drawers so I have to be creative! 😛 The other utensils go on one container.

RAJTAN SPICE JARS. I bought these online. They came in a package of eight. I bought sixteen jars in total. There are about three jars that are empty. And yes, I labeled them individually! Haha These used to take a lot of cabinet space, but then I bought mason jars to use as mugs, so a bright idea came to mind and I just had to use this mini shelving to maximize the space I had! 

PLATE RACK. Again, due to lack of storage space, I had to be wise in buying such organizers. This reduced my cabinet space to at least half. My cousin gave me a plate rack but it took up so much space, plus it only holds two plates per partition. It couldn’t accommodate all the plates in the photo! I bought this 2 months ago and it worked out fine. I just had to place “runners” on the second and third levels because the plates tend to slide off. 

MAKING USE OF ODD SPACES. I’m addicted to home improvements! I must have looked at thousands of photos just to save or make use of the space I have. And since there are no drawers, I decided to hang my baking utensils on cabinet doors! These are not something new, but it has become really really  covenient.


The kitchen is a bit bare now. I have future plans of putting artworks or such. The essentials come first for now. 🙂

I will show you the bedroom and the the bathroom on my next post. The bathoom is chaotic at the moment, and the bedroom, well… it’s empty. 😜


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