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Stupid is Forever.

I bought 2 books today, and I finished reading the first one in less than 2 hours.


Stupid is Forever is written by the phenominal Senator Meriam Defensor Santiago.

I’ve never been interested in politics. And honestly, I’ve never voted in my entire life! It’s all too complicated for me or maybe because I have little faith in the Philippine government system. Sad to say, but that’s the reality.

However, Senator Meriam Defensor Santiago is one of the the only one that stands out among all other politicians. I may not know a lot about politics, but I know this senator is straight as an arrow. She is intelligent, a good speaker, honest, funny and has conviction among other things.

After reading the book, I have known more things about her and many of the things she has done for the country. And I truly admire her for that.

The book in itself is humorous. I was on the third page of the book (the Foreword) and I was already laughing! It is a short book considering most of its content are quotations, smart quips and short jokes. The occasional comic is even funnier! I favorite was the Meriam on Meriam chapter. So candid and funny!

Some of the puns I didn’t understand mainly because I was curious as to whom she was referring to.

This book is an inspiration. I have greater respect for her than before. 🙂

And now… On to the second book!


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