Random Ramblings

A Work In Progress.

I officially moved into my condo last Saturday! Yey!

It was chaotic the first 2 days and I was dead tired from trying to organize my things without shelves!  The contractor has not started the installation so I am living in boxes.

After getting some rest, I sorted out my things based on where I will be placing or storing them.  It was the quickest way to get rid of some boxes.

Of course the kitchen came first, but that became cluttered in no time!

I initially took out my clothes from boxes, luggages and bags and stuffed them in these plastic bins because I was in a hurry to get rid of the boxes and place my clothes all together in one place.  I realized later on that I couldn’t find what I needed because they’re not really sorted properly.  So yesterday, when I got home from a meeting, I placed a big blanket on the floor and took out the bins to sort my clothes.  It took me about 3 hours to finish. Yes, I had that much clothing plus I was being obsessive-compulvise about it!  All my hard work paid off because now I can easily tell which bin to open for the kind of clothing I needed! Hahaha  In total, my clothes are in 3 bins and 2 small boxes.  I stored the clothes [e.g. jackets, chef’s uniforms, dresses, etc.] I’m not going to use soon in the boxes.

Today I decided to sort out my documents since I haven’t done this in quite some time.  My bills are all over the place and this is the most opportune time to update them and throw away the outdated ones.  Again, it took me about 4 hours to finally finish.  I know that is a long time, but I wanted to arrange it in such a way that I only have to take them out when the shelves are installed.  No more fussing by then.  I stored these bills and documents in another bin because I didn’t want them to get all mixed up when the contractors start working.  I also stored my expensive cookbooks inside this bin. I will feel guilty (and mad) if something happens to them! Lol

Don also came to my house after work, he promised we’d go grocery shopping later in the day.  So while I was sorting my documents, he was sound asleep!  We went to the supermarket late afternoon and got what I needed.  I am excited to be cooking a meal tomorrow!  Not in my stove, but in an induction stove for the mean time.  My gas range hasn’t been installed and connected to a gas line and I’m afraid to do it on my own.  I really need to call the company to set things up.

I expect the next coming days to be the same, but I am happy that my house is starting to look and feel like a home. 🙂


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