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Moving On Out.

Sorry if I haven’t written anything in weeks.  Aside from being busy from moving my stuff to the new condo, I got sick for over a week.  I was on bedrest the entire time — got fever and a terrible, terrible headache, so I was asleep most of the time.


Anyhoooo.  Today, I went to the condo to fix some stuff up and receive the delivery of my appliances.   I bought a refrigerator, a gas range and hood and an AC for my bedroom.  I have a very limited budget.  I still need to buy a washer and dryer plus pay for minor [but pricey] renovations.

I don’t know why, but I got a jolt of excitement when the delivery guys left.   I will be living alone, in my own condo, really really soon!  I was the only one there with no help, but that adrenaline I had gave me the “strength” I needed to push the appliances to their places! Hahaha  Honestly, I think I didn’t have enough adrenaline, because for the life of me, I couldn’t [more like didn’t attempt] to remove the styrofoam under the refrigerator.  It was heavy!

Next is the range.  Wow!  This is such a fragile equipment!  I am afraid even to open the oven door!  After much fuss, I finally got off the carton under and placed it safely in its sweet little corner!  The next problem is the gas… lol

I promise to take better pictures when I go back. 🙂  And update you guys more.




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