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SALAV Garment Steamer Review

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I just ordered a Salav Garment Steamer GS18-DJ in White late last night via Lazada.  Lo and behold, it was delivered today, a Sunday and a holiday.  I was still asleep when our helper knocked on my door and told me that I have a package right outside the door and I need to receive it.  Although I was still sleepy, I got so excited and tried it!  I was also FaceTime-ing with the BF (coz he’s in Canada for a work thing) while assembling and trying it.  It worked great the first time, but the true test will come when I have to iron several clothing and of different materials.  So far I am pleased with the product, although I was supposed to get the Black one (I guess they didn’t have stocks anymore).

This was somewhat complicated to assemble, but very easy to use.  Unlike the one my sister got so many years ago, a portable one where you still need to press something for the steam to come out. I never ever got it to work! Hahaha

On the other side, ironing is a dreadful task because it is very tiring to do.  With the steamer, hopefully ironing won’t be such a dreadful chore to do.

Here are some of its features:

It has 1.5 litre water capacity and a universal wheel for easy transport. Also a drain plug for safe and convenient care and maintenance.
Generates steam in 45 seconds (or less in my case). Also, a double insulated hose to maintain steam temperature.
It has a folding clothes rack suitable for ironing small collar clothing.

If you can’t find this exact product, here are some other options that I find will be worth your money:

Markers Pearl White 10 Power Program Garment Steamer
Camel Hanging Machine Household Steamer
Garment Steamer CXG-0318


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