Random Ramblings

Moving Out.

Late December last year, my condo was ready to be turned over.  I finally got it early January 2015.  I never really thought about all the expenses until I listed all of them down.

It’s been a roller coaster for the past 2 weeks, meeting contractors, planning, going around to canvas appliances and furnitures.  It really takes a lot of time and effort.  And I am currently out of a job by the way!

Aside from all that, packing is another big chore! Whew!  I’m about 80% done though.  The only problem now is I have more things… and they are stored in two different houses! Hahaha So… moving got a little bit more complicated.


Boxes all around! =P

I am excited though.  I am looking forward to the move, hopefully within the next week! 🙂 Good luck to me!


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