Unboxing of November BDJ Box.


I got this box mid-November. I didn’t had the chance to make a post because I usually go home late from work.

Anyway, this was a super fun box! Probably my favorite of all the boxes I’ve received! I am that happy with it!

The November BDJ Box is a Benefit exclusive. From the box cover insert to the individual product boxes, each one was well thought out. I was really excited to try the products, I used them the day after I got the box.

Here are the products inside the box:

INSTANT COMEBACK FACIAL SERUM. They say great things come in small packages. And this is exactly that! You only need a little at a time. My face felt soft and lightened up after application. I just wish this came in a sealable tube just like the others.


IT’S POTENT EYE CREAM. Being the night owl that I am, I am always in the lookout for eye creams, serums and what not; one that would work long term. Getting this got my hopes up! Honestly, I have only used it once. Just like the facial serum, it’s in a sachet, which I cannot keep inside my makeup bag because it’ll spill. However, I liked how it brightened up my eyes after I applied it. I might need to test this out some more before I can fully say this is THE product I need!


BATHINA SCENTED BODY MIST. Packaging is lovely! Scent reminds me of the tiny, colorful, gel-like spherical stuff I used to buy when I was a kid. You put it inside your pencil case and it makes everything fragrant. We called it “kisses”. BUT, the fragrace of this body mist only lasts for a couple of minutes. The “kisses” has longer-lasting scent than this!


POREFESSIONAL PRO BALM. I have been gawking over this in beauty shops! Let’s face it. It’s expensive. And I found the next best thing from Maybelline and only for less than a fourth of the price. I think both products are great. The only difference is, Benefit’s is tinted and that adds a bit more coverage than Maybeline’s clear balm.


BIG EASY COMPLEXION PERFECTOR. This one is for the books. I got the 02 and I think it’s just perfect for my complexion. I’ve almost used up the first tube. Although this does not cover pimple marks, it evens out other imperfections/dark spots on my face. And it’s not oily at all! I might just actually buy this once I’ve use them all up!

HIGH BEAM COMPLEXION ENHANCER. This product stayed true to its promise, but it makes my face oily. And no one wants an oily face. I might need to try this again, with a setting powder and see how it goes.


THEY’RE REAL! PUSH UP LINER. Where do I start? First of all, I can’t figure out how this thing works. I will look up a video soon! Haha


THEY’RE REAL! MASCARA. I’ve used this a couple of times and I was pleased with the results. Yes, it makes your lashes appear thicker. But my only issue with it is that it’s not waterproof. I work in a hotel kitchen, so when the onion fumes get the best of me, I get teary-eyed. What’s worse is that I get a runny mascara, too! I think I’m sticking to my Maybelline, L’Oreal and Cover Girl ones. Can’t have too many mascaras, right?! Haha


POSIEBALM HYDRATING TINTED LIP BALM. I’ve only used this once. I didn’t really like it. Just felt my lips are oily all the time. Haha

In summary, this box had a lot of promise. I won’t mind getting more Benefit loots! 🙂 wink wink!


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