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Prepara Trio Tri-Blade Peeler.


I saw this kitchen gadget at Gourdo’s earlier. And i just had to have this!

My friend, who I work with, bought a mandolin which we use to slice or julienne fruits and vegetables with. If you’ve seen or used a mandolin, you’d know your fingers are doomed! Both my friend and I have been “victimized” by that mandolin, her scars are worse than mine though! But it makes the job easier so we still use it with utmost care. Yeah, after being knicked three times, I learned my lesson! The hand guard didn’t really “guard” our fingers! 😛

This tri-blade peeler could julienne, but may require a little more effort. However, my fingers would be totally, totally safe! That’s basically the selling point! Hehe. I have my own mini-mandolin, which I can use to slice veggies with. So that’s not a problem.

I’ll post pictures soon and update on this gadget’s performance.

** UPDATE ** This tool is awesome! It takes some getting used to, but works perfectly. My colleagues even prefer using this over the old one provided in the kitchen!
I realized later on that the tip (top most part) acts as a corer for potato eyes. (I dunno how else to call ’em!)
I mostly use the plain blade for “hard-skinned” veggies such as potatoes and cucumbers. Works like a charm!
I have also tried the Julienne blade when I made spring rolls. It was a challenge at first, but it was smooth sailing once I got the correct rhythm. However, it was a bit messy! Strips of vegetables flying everywhere! 🙂
I have yet to try the serrated blade for”softer-skinned” vegetables.
I guess the only downside is, it’s hard to clean. There are a lot of parts to this peeler and the dirt, especially from potatoes, tends to get into the holes and the dirt also stains the white portion of the peeler. Cleaning this, I had to soak it with soap, water and a little bleach. Then I had to use a toothbrush to remove the dirt on the hidden areas.
I rate this tool 4.5/5. 👍


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