Unboxing of October BDJ Box.



Today, I received this month’s BDJ Box.  I just got home from work when I saw it on my table.  I hurriedly changed my clothes and opened the boxes.  Yes, boxes.  I was THAT excited!  So here are the contents of the boxes:


DIAL CLEANSING PAIR: Dial Coconut Water Body Wash & Dial Coconut Water Soap

These products contain coconut water and will hydrate the skin when used.  I have never tried coconut body washes before so I am looking forward to using these products!  And did I mention they totally smell great?!


MY CHOICE SMOOTH SKIN PACK: My Choice Spa Salt & My Choice Hand and Body Lotion

I love Papaya products.  I use Papaya soap alternately with my regular Dove soap.  This one is of different form: bath salt.  I haven’t used bath salts before, but I might become a convert after trying this product out!  My skin is really sensitive and easily reacts to products with strong scents and chemicals, so the lotion I might re-think to use.
UPDATE: The bath salt is really nice! My skin feels so soft and smooth after use! I’ve used this only twice, but the results are amazing!



I have been having hair fall problems lately.  Could be because of stress or again, the kind of hair products I use.  This might be a simple solution to that problem.  This pack contains 7 vials and is good for 2 weeks, with every other day use.
UPDATE: I’ve used up 3 vials so far, and yes, there’s less hair fall.


L’OREAL PARIS YOUTH DUO: L’Oreal Revitalift Laser x3 Serum & L’Oreal Revitalift Laser x3 Anti-Aging Day Cream

Anti-Aging stuff bothers me a little.  I mean, people get old.  That’s a natural part of life!  But I also get that people can and/or should age gracefully!  These tubes only contain 5ml of serum and cream.  Will I see results before the tubes are finished? =P



I’m not a big eye shadow user, so I might only get to try this when there’s an occasion or on my date with Don tomorrow! Haha



This product contains Baikal Powder which rebalances skin and minimize pores.  Dab the gel on your T-Zone for all day protection against blemish and shine.  I wonder if this will work while working in the kitchen for 8 hours?!

PicMonkey Collage

STRIP RPT KIT: Strip Ice Cream, Malin+Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub & Malin+Goetz Ingrown Hair Cream

This couldn’t have come at a better time!  I just got waxed yesterday!  If these products work as publicised, I will immediately buy more of these!  The Ice Cream is NOT edible!  It is used to calm inflamed skin: for post-waxing treatment.  The Body Scrub and Hair Cream will prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs.

UPDATE: I had just waxed when I got this box, so this was timely. I used the Strip Ice Cream right away. Very disappointed by how little the “sample” was. The amount of cream isn’t even sufficient to cover one underarm! The other 2 sachets had more in it. However, these products do work. Would have had a better experience if I got full coverage! Haha

* Will update this post for reviews!


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