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DIY: Stamped Gift Tags.

It’s time for some DIY! Oh yeah! =P

Okay.  Enough of that.  Christmas is fast approaching.  I should know, I was born that day and there’s only about 107 days before I turn 30!  The BIG THREE-OH. Lol

I am very unconventional when it comes to gift giving.  A little personal touch is a trademark.  Whether it be the wrapping material I use or the actual gift itself.  It doesn’t matter if they notice it or not.  I get the satisfaction knowing that I used or made something from the heart.  And it saves me a lot of money, too! 🙂

One of my favorite things to innovate on are gift tags.  Not only for Christmas, but for any occasion!


A couple of months back, Don and I were at SM Aura and we passed by the Living Well store.  Good thing was, they were on sale.  Living Well doesn’t only sell items for the home (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc.).  They also have a crafts section.  As I went around I saw these cute little stamps that were 50% off!  Who would pass up on that?! Haha I had to get the approval of the mister before I could buy anything.  I wanted to get all of them!  But I only got 3 sets that I thought I’ll have good use for.  He even chose one for himself! =P

Anyway, today, I thought I’d use one of the sets I bought to make gift tags! For this project, I used leftover “special” paper I used for a school function.  Folded them and cut them to the size I wanted ans started stamping!  FYI paper size is 70 cm x 55 cm.


There were four stamps in that set: an owl, an squirrel, an acorn and the one I assume was a leaf.  The eighth note was part of the Music set Don bought for himself.  I didn’t want to use the acorn.  I used a black stamp pad for a more neutral look.  This way I can use colored pens to write my message.  You can mix and match as you please.  Easy and economical, right?




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