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kMix Triblade Hand Blender HB894

A week ago, Don and I had lunch at Maple in Shangri-La Mall.  Coincidentally, there’s a D&K store a few stalls away from where we had lunch.  That’s also where I bought my Kenwood Stand Mixer, Riley.  So I told Don I wanted to check out something.  I showed him the hand blender I wanted.  I saw this on sale on a local website, so I asked the salesperson if they will offer the same discount for me. Regular retail price is Php 9,800.00.  I will be able to buy this at 30% discount!  After all the negotiations, Don told me not to buy it – so I said okay and we left the store.  I believe in fate and waiting!  God provides at the right time (and the right price!)  But I guess Don thought about how much I’d be “losing” in discounts if we didn’t buy it right then and there.  This deal won’t be available whenever I decide to buy it.  In short, we ended up buying it! Hahaha I had to choose between white or black.  The black one looked so bad ass so that’s what I chose!

Everyone, meet Harvey, my new Immersion/Hand Blender.  It’s named after Harvey Specter from Suits.  🙂

You know what?  Two days before I bought this, I was cooking beer-battered fish for dinner and I had to whisk egg whites for the batter.  I was too lazy to get the mixer out of the box (imagine cleaning all those for just egg whites???).  So I decided to whip the egg whites by hand… to stiff peaks no less!  Both my arms were tired and I wished I had a hand blender then.  Didn’t know I will be buying one two days after! Lol

A little back story.  I initially wanted Cuisinart’s version.  And based on reviews, that would be a better choice.  I have been waiting forever for a good deal to get that.  I think as of this writing it costs around Php 6,000.00 — more or less.  And that just gives you the hand blender and a small food processor… I think.

I have faith in Kenwood since I am very much happy with my mixer.  I would never exchange that for a Kitchen Aid.  So this hand blender is probably the next best thing!  And I only had to pay Php 6,860.o0.  Not bad at all.

To break it down, here are the key features:

  • Package includes:
    • Balloon Whisk
    • Food Processor with Knife Blade and Slicing and Grating Disc
    • Triblade Blending Attachment (blender)
    • Triblade Soup XL Attachment (bigger blender!)
    • Recipe Cards
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Variable Speed Plus Turbo Boost Button (5 speeds)
  • 700W

For more information on this product or other Kenwood products, click here.


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