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Hong Kong Steals.

I just got back from Hong Kong last night.  I was so tired that I was asleep the entire day today! So I’m only writing about my trip this late in the evening. =)

This post will only showcase the things I bought for myself.  I will make a separate post about the places my boyfriend and I went to later on.

When I was planning this trip, my goal was to go to places that I have never explored before… and that I am not going to shop for clothes – to which my friends all said, “I don’t believe you!”  I should have made a bet and made so much money when I got back! Hahaha

Anyways, here are the things I bought for myself.  If there are clothing, it was purely coincidental! haha Having a limited budget was a good thing.  I learned to buy smart. 🙂

On our first day, the agenda was to go to Shanghai Street in Yau Ma Tei to see the stores that sell cookware and bakeware items.  We entered at least 15 stores, but I was only interested to buy stuff for baking.  Among others, I only bought stuff from I Love Cake.  I have read about this store from different blog sites and it was the cleanest and most organized store we went into.  The attendant (or probably the owner) was very nice, too!  This will be on my list of places to visit again when I go back to Hong Kong.

I Love Cake
I Love Cake is located at 338 Shanghai St, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong. There is also a branch in Wanchai.
I Love Cake Stuff
Clockwise from left: Green Tea Powder, Cookie Cutters, Cookie Stamper, Popsicle Molds

These were the things I bought:

  1. Green Tea Powder (Matcha)  HKD 9.00 – I know this can be bought locally, but I just like to try it out! 🙂
  2. Cookie Cutters:
    • Crown HKD 15.00 – This was just so adorbs!  I couldn’t pass up.
    • Dog Bone & Dolphin HKD 5.00 each – My dog bone cookie cutter was too big and I haven’t seen one locally that’s not part of a set so this was a no brainer!  The dolphin was an impulse buy!  
  3. Cookie Stamper HKD 108.00 – The night before I left Manila, I saw a post on Instagram of a cookie that had words stamped on it.  I was thinking how that was made.  I guess God answered the question when he lead me to this item! Hahaha  I can’t wait to try this out.  This came with a square cookie cutter, too!
  4. Popsicle Molds HKD 20.00 each – I have adored the molds I see in Howards, but they were too expensive.  When I saw this, I wasn’t going to let it go!  Homemade popsicles will be a staple at my house!

We strolled along nearby streets for more goodies, but I was happy with what I had.  That day ended with a smile on my face!

Left to Right: Screw Brush, Eyebrow Brush, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lavander Perfume

In Hong Kong, Sa Sa is well-known.  There is one in every corner, sometimes just there’s two in one block!  In 2013, I was able to buy an Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lavander perfume for less than a thousand pesos.  That perfume was being sold here for at least Php 2,500. I bought 2 at that time, one for me and the other for my friend, May.  I messaged her before I left for Hong Kong if she wanted anything and that’s what she requested for again!

We probably went to more than 15 different Sa Sa stores, but I only found this in their branch at Windsor House, Causeway Bay.  One of the attendants checked and this was sold out on ALL Sa Sa stores in Causeway Bay.  Luckily, there were two left!  So my friend gets one, too!  Actually, I didn’t need one since the one I bought last year was still three-fourths full.  But now, I have an excuse to use it more frequently! Hehehe  By the way, the perfume costs only HKD 108.00.  That’s only Php 605.00!

Moving on…  I was looking for an eyebrow brush among the numerous selections/brands they offer.  But I saw something that caught my attention more!  It’s the Screw Brush!  I’ve been looking for one locally, but it’s not offered as an individual item.  The only way to get it is by buying an entire set of brushes, which I didn’t need.  This brush is basically the same as the brush on a mascara, but it is hard to fix that clumped up eyelashes with a brush full of mascara on it, right?!  I tried this out the next day as I was applying my make up — worked like a charm!  The two brushes costs HKD 15.00 each.  Did I mention I bought three screw brushes! Haha

H&M Jacket
H&M Neon Pink Jacket

On our last night in Hong Kong, although we were extremely tired from an entire day at Ocean Park, we decided to go to H&M at Langham Place.  This was only a few blocks away from our hostel and we won’t be able to go to any other branch because the agenda for the next day is going to Citygate Outlets before heading to the airport.  Again, I wasn’t planning on shopping for clothes, but a trip to Hong Kong is not complete without visiting H&M!  I looked around and nothing really appealed to me.  However, when I went to the jacket section… that’s a different story!  I was drawn to this Neon Pink Jacket.  I consulted Don if I should buy it and he approved! This costs HKD 179.00.

H&M Black Shorts
H&M Shorts with Knitted Details on the sides

My boyfriend was looking for something to buy for his sister and as we were debating on different blouses, I saw these shorts!  The details on the sides are amazing!  Bought this for HKD 149.00.  These were the only clothing I bought for myself on this trip.  And I am not even sad about it! =P

Giordano Socks
Giordano socks: 6 for HKD 99

Citygate Outlet Stores are my go-to places to shop.  Why?  They are always on sale!  I actually only buy from Giordano and Esprit; Nike for sneakers; and Quicksilver for shirts for my brother.  But it doesn’t hurt to browse through other stores.  If something appeals to me, then I will consider buying.

Earlier this month, a friend of mine went to Hong Kong, and the only “pasalubong” I asked for were socks from Giordano.  They’re always on sale and you buy them in bulk [e.g. 8 pcs. for $100].  She texted me when she went to Giordano and said that they didn’t have the socks I wanted.  I thought that was weird since they always have this, but what could I do?!  I have been buying these socks for the past 2 consecutive years.  This was the highlight of my visits to Giordano!  The designs change each year, but they come in different colours.  This year the promo was Buy 6 for $99.  I bought 12 pieces and gave the two to my friends.  Total spend: HKD 198.00.  Cute, right?!

After Citygate Outlets, we went straight to the airport – to checkin early, look at duty free shops, and possibly rest before the flight.  We were there pretty early so we were not in a rush.  At this time, my boyfriend is still looking for something to give to his mom – and he was getting desperate.  I don’t like shopping at the airport because they are way too expensive – but this changed my view about airport shopping!

Zara Bag
Zara Navy Blue Bag

Don went inside the liquor and cigarette shop to buy imported cigarettes to give to his colleagues and across that was Zara.  I told him that I’d go inside to look.  I browsed through their racks of blouses and shirts, basically with Don’s mom in mind.  I found a few that I’d suggest to Don when he’s done at the other shop.  Meanwhile, I went to the bags section and saw one that I liked, but it was for HKD 399.00.  I saw Don come inside the store so I decided to meet him to show him what I found.  As I was leaving the bags section, one of the salesperson added two Navy Blue Bags to the display and I thought I’d just go back to look at them later on.

Don and I looked at the blouses I saw, but he said they were too expensive.  I was going to show him the bag I wanted to get his opinion before we leave the store and to also look at the “new” bags on the display.  I was drawn to one of the Navy Blue bags, which had a Black counterpart.  When I looked at the price of the Navy Blue one, it only costs HKD 149.00!  The black one costs double that.  So I wondered why.  I inspected the bag and saw some discoloration on the strap – barely noticeable really – because it was dark grey. Not sure what caused the discoloration, but it was there.  Needless to say, I bought this bag!  Don saw a bag he wanted for his mom, which was on sale for HKD 199.00!  Finally.

That concludes all my buys for this trip – for myself that is.  The things I bought for my friends and family are a different story!  I probably spent more for them than for myself!


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