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I’m not really into naming my gadgets, but I can’t pass up on this one.  It has been a long time dream of mine to buy a Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  I would go gaga in the department store every time I’m in the kitchen appliances section.  It’s not that I can’t buy one because I have the funds… I was thinking more of how much I’m going to use it!  Now is the most perfect time!!!

Meet RILEY – my new stand mixer. ♥♥♥

Although I opted for a different brand, it has the same features/functions – maybe even more.  It had a more updated look to it, too.  I’m really excited to start using it… I just have to buy the other things I need for baking. Hahaha

Kenwood Barcelona kMix KMX80

Aside from its very trendy and colorful design, other key features (compared to Kitchen Aid) are:

  • 500W Power perfect for making heavy dough
  • Auto stop when the head is lifted
  • Bowl cover has an opening with a mini-cover to avoid spillage/splatters
  • Easy attaching/removing of accessories

I have yet to see its durability.  More posts/photos to come!

For more information on Kenwood’s line of kMix Kitchen Essentials, go to http://www.kenwoodworld.com/uk/All-Products/kMix-by-Kenwood/.


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