Bargain Shopping.

My friend asked me to accompany her in Divisoria because she needs to buy clothes for work.  I live like 5 minutes away from the area so it wasn’t really a big chore for me, and so I agreed.

We met up after lunch and went straight to 168 Mall.  Although it was raining out, there were tons of people there!  Not to mention it’s payday weekend, too.  I hate being in crowded places, but bargain shopping is an exemption!

First and foremost, my budget for this trip was only Php 2000.00 and I only wanted to buy accessories.  If I see anything else I want, it goes against the budget as well.  I have been seeing these “arm candies” and muscle tees being sold online for at least Php 150 to Php 250, but I know I could get it way cheaper than that and without having to pay for shipping.  So my friend’s invitation was really good timing! =P

After hours of sorting through thousands of clothes and accessories – here are the things I got – and for only a total of Php 1875.00!   If I bought all these online + shipping — I think my bill would have gone up to at least Php 3500.00.


It takes a lot of patience and energy going through every stall and every rack, let alone ask for the price and haggle each time.  But all’s for the love of your hard earned money.  AND you can touch, check the quality and try on what you’re about to buy plus no need to wait for delivery!


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