June BDJ Box – In Depth.


Continuation of June BDJ Box Review post.

1. LÓreal Fall Repair 3X Anti-Hair Fall Tonic – Leave In

I was hesitant to use this at first because these leave ons tend to make the hair oily and I didn’t want to have oily hair all day. Shockingly though, it didn’t make my hair oily at all! I think this also helped “fix” the hair fall problem.

2.  LÓreal Fall Repair 3X Shampoo

I’ve tried different brands of “hair fall control” shampoos, but this one, in my opinion, had the best results. I wish I got this before I cut my hair short to really put it to the test.   I like that it didn’t create so much bubbles or lather because this means that there’s lesser sulfate in the product.  Like any other shampoo, the flip top cap is ideal.

3.  LÓreal Fall Repair 3X Conditioner

The conditioner is “creamier” or had a thicker consistency than the others I’ve tried.  It serves its purpose well.  I like how my hair feels when it has completely dried.  However, I’m not sure if this was a production error, but the cap is different from that of the shampoo – the entire cap needs to be taken off .

4.  Physiogel Intensive Cream

I had a hard time deciding where to use this product – the face or the body. It doesn’t say anywhere on the tube! Since I opted to use the Kinerase Cream on my face, I used this on my elbows and just on the sides of my nose. I was actually surprised!  My elbows aren’t dry to begin with because I put lotion regularly, but after applying this cream, my elbows felt even softer.

5.  Revlon Photoready Kajal – Intense Eye Liner + Brightener

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I’m don’t use a lot of make up for the eyes except for mascara.  But of course, I want to try this out (and maybe be encouraged to use more eye makeup!)  First of all, I loved that it came in Purple Reign.  As I’ve said before, anything in Purple is my weakness!  I attempted to look for tutorials on how to use this product, but the best I could find is the “instruction” on how to use it on Revlon’s website – no photos/videos.  So I decided to improvise.  I tried using it on both the upper and lower eye lash areas (on difference occasions).  For a non-eye makeup wearer, it was easy to use and I got the outcome I wanted.  Stayed on for 3 – 4 hours.

6.  Kinerase Cream

The cream made my face soft and moisturized all throughout the day. I don’t normally use creams / moisturizers because I have normal to oily face – depending on the weather!  But this didn’t feel oily at all.

7.  Kinerase Gentle Daily Cleanser

These two Kinerase samples came in in super tiny tubes. It’s more ideal for travel use I think.  I wasn’t sure these would suffice until the 7th day!  I only used them in the morning before I went to work.  The cleanser was gentle as it indicated.  A pea sized amount could actually cover/clean the face.

8.  Avon Ultra Moisture Rich VitaLucious Lipstick in Reviving Red

The lipstick  glide easily on the lips and it doesn’t dry. The pigmentation is very significant and stays on for a long time.  It’s a little too red for daytime use though.  This could be a proper color for a night out with friends. 😉

You can get your own beauty loot every month by subscribing to the BDJ Box.  Visit their official website, Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter @BDJBox for the latest news, promos and events.


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