Shop ‘Til You Drop.

Just roaming around the mall and window shopping is soooo blah!  The SALE banners were torture!  I tried resisting… but the banners got the best of me! ;P  I’m still proud of myself for just buying two pieces of clothing!


  • Blue-Grey and Lime Geometric Hi-Low Hem Dress – Php 949.00


I didn’t like wearing [short] dresses… because I have fat legs!  But recently, I find myself buying more casual dresses – even short ones. I am trying to be in touch with my girly side these days! ;P   I usually go for plain, non-patterned dresses, too, but this just caught my attention.

As soon as I tried it on, I was already thinking when and where I’m going to use it!  The material is jersey so it’s stretchy, which is ideal for me!  The “busy” dress pattern also disguises a problem area (i.e. mid-section/stomach part).

When I learned it wasn’t on sale, I was a bit hesitant to buy it.  A smaller size and another fitting after — it’s sold!



  • Graphic Tee: Innah in Purple – Php 550.00 (-10% Discount)


Again with the purple!  This shirt actually comes in Pink and Green, too.  They didn’t have my size in Pink and the Green was too Green for my taste.  Believe me, I wanted the Pink one, but I guess it wasn’t for me!

Anyway, this is part of their new Spring/Summer Collection and I got it at 10% off.  The material is cotton with ¾ sleeves and (again) hi-low effect. Needless to say, it is comfortable to wear.  I like these kinds of prints… it’s like I want to jump right in there and ride the blimp! =P


I was looking for Black pants to partner with my school uniform and saw the Ombre sunglasses.  I tried it on along with two other sunglasses on the rack.  This one looked best on me… or maybe because it was Purple?!


  • Purple Ombre Sunglasses


Honestly, this is an impulse buy.  Anything in Purple is my weakness – haha!  But then again, this is an essential accessory especially when Mr. Sun decides to come out at its warmest temperature.  My eyes are easily irritated (thus the faux eye glasses) so this will come in handy when that hot, sunny day comes along.


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