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Crafty Tuesday.

I know it’s been weeks since my Stationery Overload post, but I’ve been busy! hehe

Anyway, here’s what I did to some of the Papemelroti stationery I have.   This is a good way to recycle papers.  The ones without print on the backside, that is! =)

I have been doing this for years and shared it with a few friends, too.  It comes pretty handy especially to keep my scratch papers organized – being the OC that I am.


Materials You Need:

  • Stationery papers / scratch papers
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Padding Glue
  • Clips

What To Do:

  • Make sure the stationery / scratch papers are properly aligned and stacked.
  • Place clips on the sides (and below if needed) to avoid the pages to move.
  • Using the small paint brush, dab a generous amount of padding glue to the un-clipped side until that entire side is covered.
  • I like to use scrap plastic to semi wrap the glued side and leave it until it dries out.  NOTE: The plastic should not touch the glued side.  This is just so the glue won’t stick to the table.  Place something heavy (e.g. a tape dispenser) so the pages are weighed down and the glue can dry properly.
  • Wait 2-3 hours for the glue to dry.  It could take longer depending on how much glue you applied.
  • Another good reason to use plastic as a protective shield, you can easily peel it off when the glue has completely dried and leave no marks.
  • Cut off excess [dried] glue if there is any to polish it off.

And viola!  Your notepad is ready for use! =)


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