Packing 101. The Space-Saver and Budget-Conscious Way.

I am a self-confessed OC (obsessive-compulsive) when it comes to organization.  And it becomes especially handy when I pack for my travels.

For one, I create a check list before I start packing and tape that list on my closet so I can tick off the ones I have already packed.  Oh and by the way, I usually pack a month in advance!  As I’ve mentioned, OC. ;P

Besides, I think the check list helps me NOT to forget the essentials.  I hate buying at the last minute and/or while I’m travelling because the basics shouldn’t cost you that much, right?

So let’s get down to business.

Wherever you’re going for your vacation, always check the weather first.  This will help you pack the appropriate type of clothes and could save you so much bag/luggage space!

CLOTHES. I bought a drawstring clothing organizer a few years back and I use it whenever I travel – may it be for an overnight stay at a friend’s house or a week’s vacation in Hong Kong.  This keeps my luggage organized and my clothes don’t get overly crumpled/ creased.  It is made of cloth so it’s lightweight, too!  Plus, no need for a separate laundry pouch as it can be used as one as well.

I use this to “categorize” my clothes.  One pouch for shirts, another for shorts/pants, and the smaller ones for undergarments and swimsuits.

These clothing organizers come in different forms, sizes and designs so it won’t be difficult to find one in your local department stores.  The more popular ones these days are those that could be zipped up.  I have and use one of those too, but I couldn’t go without my drawstring pouches! Hehe

Okay, enough about organizers!  Anyway, bring only what you need.  Plan your itinerary so you’ll know which outfits to put on each day.  Again, this will save you so much luggage space.   This will also give you an idea of how much money you need to bring and an estimate of how much you’re going to spend.

Being the “girl scout” that I am, I always ALWAYS bring extra shirts for when an unfortunate thing occurs. It won’t hurt to have a back up, right?  I am one clumsy person so… I tend to think of worst case scenarios. Hehehe

However, you can always buy from local stores if you need an extra shirt and it’ll double as your souvenir! But remember, these souvenir shirts (i.e. from the beach) cost so much you wish you just followed my advice and brought an extra shirt!  Haha

TOILETRIES.  I like to travel light, so bringing shampoo bottles and a big bar of soap are kind of inconvenient for the most part.  So I buy shampoo and conditioner in sachets  instead.  Also, when I stay at fancy hotels, I don’t use the free shampoos and small soaps… Yes, I’m guilty.  I take them home – and that’s what I use for my next travel.  Small soaps come in really handy for overnight stays!  Same goes for that free toothbrush and mini toothpaste!  All these you can throw away after you’ve used them.  You only lessened your load going back home!

See how much luggage space you now have for souvenirs? Haha

ACCESSORIES.  Personally speaking, I don’t bring a lot of accessories when travelling.  Just coz I usually forget that I have them so I don’t get to use them at all!  I only bring the basics – sunglasses, a shawl (works for both warm and cold weather) and a watch.  I sometimes bring either a necklace or a ring that I could partner with most of my outfits.

GADGETS.  For a short vacation, I only need my camera (either DSLR or digicam) and my phone.  For a longer vacation, I’d opt to bring my iPad for when I want to stay in bed for the day to read or play games to pass time.  This is also handy when you’re waiting for your flight!

Oh. Don’t forget the chargers! 🙂 or extra batteries!

FOOD.  One of the most expensive parts of any travel is the food.  I like to bring snacks for when my flight is delayed or snack on while chilling on an island somewhere or to accompany drinks inside the hotel room.

Airport food is a rip off so bring a sandwich or biscuits… And water, which you can consume before your flight!

In summary, be wise whenever you’re packing for a trip.  That extra luggage space could accommodate your pasalubongs and souvenirs and you still don’t need to pay for excess baggage fees or be hassled to carry an extra (not to mention heavy) plastic bag. Panira ng get-up! Hehe

Most of all, relax and enjoy! Ü


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