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The Distraction I Needed.

I’ve been feeling down for the past days and honestly, I didn’t want to get up every morning and go to work… let alone go to the gym! However, after all the pigging out I’ve done this week, I knew I needed to go to the gym… again! =P

I messaged my trainer last night to set a training appointment for today. Luckily she had a slot open so I was able to train for an hour. I usually complain a lot (that I’m tired, or that the routine was hard, or I can’t do it anymore…) but today, I just sucked it up and did everything she asked me to do! Ha!

Exercise for today:

  • I got 1 hour training working on my biceps and triceps with weights and dumbbells (wow, talaga lang ha!), squats and crunches
  • 30 minutes on the cross trainer (elliptical)
  • 1 hour weight/strength training for legs and abs (3 sets, 20 counts each)
  • Inclined sit ups (3 sets, 20 counts each)
  • 10 minutes on the treadmill
  • 30 minutes getting treatment (Ultraform)

Overall, it was a good workout day! Sweated like a pig. Whew!

Since I got no plans for the rest of the day, I visited my super pretty goddaughter, Imman, which I booked in advance! haha She’s getting big na! She’s turning 1 in 19 days! Sadly, I’ll be in Davao that day… =( Serious planning fail. Hmp!

She’s such a delight and who could resist that smile? I’m sure I won’t be able to say no to her if she asks me for something in a few years… Konting pa-cute and lambing lang… =P hehe

Few photos I took today. Ü

It was such a fun day! I am still feeling a bit down, but this was the best distraction ever!

Imman, Ninang loves you so so much! I’ll see you again soon! Kisses! ♥



Ninang and Imman


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