Random Ramblings

I Have Moved On.

Today marks the first year we had broken up – officially – for good.

The journey to “recovery” was not easy. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Fine, the first part was hell! hehe
For weeks, I only wanted to cry myself to sleep or get drunk as much as I can so that I won’t have to think of you. I know that could not continue.

I have to have a makeover! To get rid of all your memories (and the stress you put me through, ha!) And I need to be busy all the time!

I enrolled myself to the gym, traveled more, and just enjoyed singlehood! It’s not as if my world should stop just because we have broken up! 😉

I have not talked or communicated with you since (except for a few text messages to remind you that you owe me money!) and I’m actually proud of myself for not giving in. Yes, there were a few times I wanted to text you and check how you were, but what good would that do to me?

So in conclusion, if it wasn’t for that breakup, I wouldn’t have traveled – a lot – and met new friends, seen amazing places and experience the best adventures ever!

What made it bearable were the friends I considered my source of strength through all this debacle. They were there to listen and comfort me whenever I stumble and felt depressed. They’ve encouraged me when I felt like giving up. And above all, I have renewed my faith in God. Without Him, my heartache would have eaten me up.

I am continuously learning and trying new things, discovering new places, dreaming, and loving… once again. ♥


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