SALAV Garment Steamer.


I just ordered a Salav Garment Steamer GS18-DJ in White late last night via Lazada.  Lo and behold, it was delivered today, a Sunday and a holiday.  I was still asleep when our helper knocked on my door to told me that I have a package right outside the door and I need to receive it.  Although I was still sleepy, I got so excited and tried it!  I was also FaceTime-ing with the BF (coz he’s in Canada for a work thing) while assembling and trying it.  It worked great the first time, but the true test will come when I have to iron several clothing and of different materials.  So far I am pleased with the product, although I was supposed to get the Black one (I guess they didn’t have stocks anymore).

This was somewhat complicated to assemble, but very easy to use.  Unlike the one my sister got so many years ago, a portable one where you still need to press something for the steam to come out. I never ever got it to work! Hahaha

On the other side, ironing is a dreadful task because it is very tiring to do.  With the steamer, hopefully ironing won’t be such a dreadful chore to do.

Here are some of its features:


It has 1.5 litre water capacity and a universal wheel for easy transport. Also a drain plug for safe and convenient care and maintenance.


Generates steam in 45 seconds (or less in my case). Also, a double insulated hose to maintain steam temperature.


It has a folding clothes rack suitable for ironing small collar clothing.


Find out more about the Salav GS18 steamer and many others on their website.


Moving Out.

Late December last year, my condo was ready to be turned over.  I finally got it early January 2015.  I never really thought about all the expenses until I listed all of them down.

It’s been a roller coaster for the past 2 weeks, meeting contractors, planning, going around to canvas appliances and furnitures.  It really takes a lot of time and effort.  And I am currently out of a job by the way!

Aside from all that, packing is another big chore! Whew!  I’m about 80% done though.  The only problem now is I have more things… and they are stored in two different houses! Hahaha So… moving got a little bit more complicated.


Boxes all around! =P

I am excited though.  I am looking forward to the move, hopefully within the next week! :) Good luck to me!

New Year’s Feast.

I spent New Year’s in my boyfriend’s house with his sister and other relatives.

I just want to share some of the food I cooked for them. It was tiring, but definitely worth it after all the wonderful feedback I got!

FYI. Both of these were Don’s requests.


When I tasted TGIFriday’s version, all I wanted to do was recreate that. I’ve never cooked baby back ribs before and I didn’t have a grill. So it was a challenge! I searched online and got a copycat recipe via Spicy Southern Kitchen. I followed the recipe to the T except for the celery salt and oven baked it all the way through instead.  And we were satisfied with the results. That was the main reason why Don requested for the same dish for New Year’s.
This time around, I adjusted the ratio of the spices on the dry rub and made it a little bit more spicy. And… Added more JD to the sauce. Perfect outcome!

Everybody was saying it was delicious! Don’s nephew ate 1/4 of the rack!

Our dog, Chelsea had a feast, too!


This next one was supposed to be a copycat of Sbarro’a Baked Ziti. However, we couldn’t get a hold of Ricotta and Romano cheese so I just improvised.

This tasted real good! Tasted even better the day after! We had so much leftovers!

Will post the recipe tomorrow. :)


Serving: 8 – 10 portions

  • 500 g    Ziti

Cook as instructed.  Drain and toss in Olive Oil.  Set aside.

*Save some pasta water to add onto the sauces, about 2.5 cups.


  • 2 Tbsp      Vegetable Oil, for sautéing
  • 3 cloves    Garlic, minced
  • Half of      White Onion, finely chopped
  • 1/4 kg       Ground Lean Beef
  • 200  ml    Italian Spaghetti Sauce or Tomato Sauce
  •                   Salt and Pepper
  • 3-4 pcs     Tomatoes, deseeded, chopped into small cubes

Heat the vegetable oil and sauté the onion and garlic.  Add in the ground beef and continue to heat until the beef is thoroughly cooked.  Add in the spaghetti sauce.  Add some pasta water to get the consistency  you want.  In my case, about 1/2 cup.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Cook just until the sauce is warm.  Set aside.

Sprinkle the cubed tomatoes onto the pasta and mix.  This is to add texture and real tomatoes into the sauce.

When sauce is cooled, the toss the cooked pasta with the sauce.  Use just enough meat sauce to coat the pasta.  There will be extra meat sauce ;)  Set aside.


  • 1-2 pcs each      Red, Green, Yellow Bell Pepper or Capsicum (depending on size)
  • 100 g                  Fresh Parmesan Cheese, grated
  • 100 g                  Mozzarella Cheese, grated
  • 60 g                    Unsalted Butter
  • 60 g                    All Purpose Flour
  • 1.5 – 2 cups        Pasta Water
  • 3/4 cup              Milk
  •                             Salt and Pepper

Roast the bell peppers on your stovetop until the skin is charred.  Turn the bell peppers so that all sides are evenly cooked.  Put the cooked bell pepper and seal with plastic wrap.  This way, it’ll be easier to remove the charred skin. Leave for a few minutes or until the peppers have cooled.

When they are cooled, using the non-sharp side of a pairing knife and remove the charred skin.  If charred properly, sometimes you can peel off the skin by hands.

Slice in the middle and remove the seeds and chop the peppers into half-inch cubes.  Set side.

Using low heat, melt butter in a saucepan.  Add flour to form roux.  Use a wire whisk to combine the butter and flour.  Cook for a few seconds, whisking constantly.  Add the pasta water while whisking to form a veloute.  In doing this, the milk/cream won’t burn when added.  This will look like a thick paste.  Add the milk and/or cream to the mixture, again while continuously whisking.  Make sure to get all the veloute under the pan otherwise this will eventually burn or your sauce will become lumpy. You can add salt and pepper at this time or like me, I wait until the sauce has thickened.   Let the sauce simmer until it thickens. Season to taste.  Add the two cheeses while whisking continuously.  Then add in the roasted peppers.  Turn off heat.


  • 150 g      Parmesan Cheese, grated – more if preferred
  • 150 g      Mozzarella Cheese, grated
  • 5 g          Fresh Parsley, finely chopped
  •                Cayenne,

Using a deep dish, in my case a 9 x 11 nonstick pan, put half of the pasta in.  Flatten to level.  Pour some cream to cover the pasta. Sprinkle half of the grated parmesan and mozzarella.  You can dash in some cayenne too if you want.  I prefer to put it on top.    Put the second layer of pasta and do the same.  I like to put more a lot of mozzarella on top.  Sprinkle cayenne on top, depending on how spicy you want this to be.  Bake this at 350F until the cheese melts and/or the top is gratinated a little.

Remove from oven.  Sprinkle parsley on top and serve!

Unboxing of December BDJ Box.


Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, BDJ saved the best for last!

From last month’s Benefit Exclusive box, BDJ brought a Cover Girl Exclusive box for my birth month! Yey!

I once told a friend that this box comes in the mail just when I need some cheering up.  It really arrives right at the time I least expect it.  And that’s how it [once again] happened for the December box.

I just came home from a supposedly five-day vacation in Boracay, but we got stranded for two more days due to the storm, Ruby.  There were no boat transfers and/or flights so we didn’t have a choice, but to stay.

I got home home at around 9 pm and the lobby guard approached me and gave me the package.  I was all smiles even though I was tired!  I opened the package upon reaching my room and started to take photos!  Yes, this post is late, but it’s still December, right?! Hahaha

Anyway, without further ado, here are the goodies from the December box.


TRUBLEND LIQUID MAKEUP.  A liquid foundation that provides smooth full coverage for a flawless natural look.  I haven’t used this product because I am still using the Benefit one! haha I have enjoyed using that so much so I wanted to use it up before opening/using another one.


TRUBLEND PRESSED POWDER.  A perfect coverage to achieve a fresh, no make up look.  This I began using as soon as it came out of the box!  My old face powder was almost finished.  A big circular nothing in the middle and all that’s left was a tiny border of powder!


CHEEKERS BLUSH.  This product will be available in the market on February 2015.  I have two different blush shades open so I didn’t want to open this just yet.  Although I am having second thoughts about that. hahaha


SMIKY SHADOW BLAST.  Easily create a bold, colourful, smoky eye with its two different, specially contoured ends.  I have never tried to have smoky eyes so I’m not sure if I will be able to use this at all.


LASHBLAST FUSION WATER RESISTANT MASCARA.  Its super volumizing fiberstretch mascara formula and oversized brush make every lash bigger, fuller, longer-looking and more dramatic.   This one I have bought and used before.  It has tiny brush bristles, but it gives great coverage in volume and length perception.

Unboxing of November BDJ Box.


I got this box mid-November. I didn’t had the chance to make a post because I usually go home late from work.

Anyway, this was a super fun box! Probably my favorite of all the boxes I’ve received! I am that happy with it!

The November BDJ Box is a Benefit exclusive. From the box cover insert to the individual product boxes, each one was well thought out. I was really excited to try the products, I used them the day after I got the box.

Here are the products inside the box:

INSTANT COMEBACK FACIAL SERUM. They say great things come in small packages. And this is exactly that! You only need a little at a time. My face felt soft and lightened up after application. I just wish this came in a sealable tube just like the others.


IT’S POTENT EYE CREAM. Being the night owl that I am, I am always in the lookout for eye creams, serums and what not; one that would work long term. Getting this got my hopes up! Honestly, I have only used it once. Just like the facial serum, it’s in a sachet, which I cannot keep inside my makeup bag because it’ll spill. However, I liked how it brightened up my eyes after I applied it. I might need to test this out some more before I can fully say this is THE product I need!


BATHINA SCENTED BODY MIST. Packaging is lovely! Scent reminds me of the tiny, colorful, gel-like spherical stuff I used to buy when I was a kid. You put it inside your pencil case and it makes everything fragrant. We called it “kisses”. BUT, the fragrace of this body mist only lasts for a couple of minutes. The “kisses” has longer-lasting scent than this!


POREFESSIONAL PRO BALM. I have been gawking over this in beauty shops! Let’s face it. It’s expensive. And I found the next best thing from Maybelline and only for less than a fourth of the price. I think both products are great. The only difference is, Benefit’s is tinted and that adds a bit more coverage than Maybeline’s clear balm.


BIG EASY COMPLEXION PERFECTOR. This one is for the books. I got the 02 and I think it’s just perfect for my complexion. I’ve almost used up the first tube. Although this does not cover pimple marks, it evens out other imperfections/dark spots on my face. And it’s not oily at all! I might just actually buy this once I’ve use them all up!

HIGH BEAM COMPLEXION ENHANCER. This product stayed true to its promise, but it makes my face oily. And no one wants an oily face. I might need to try this again, with a setting powder and see how it goes.


THEY’RE REAL! PUSH UP LINER. Where do I start? First of all, I can’t figure out how this thing works. I will look up a video soon! Haha


THEY’RE REAL! MASCARA. I’ve used this a couple of times and I was pleased with the results. Yes, it makes your lashes appear thicker. But my only issue with it is that it’s not waterproof. I work in a hotel kitchen, so when the onion fumes get the best of me, I get teary-eyed. What’s worse is that I get a runny mascara, too! I think I’m sticking to my Maybelline, L’Oreal and Cover Girl ones. Can’t have too many mascaras, right?! Haha


POSIEBALM HYDRATING TINTED LIP BALM. I’ve only used this once. I didn’t really like it. Just felt my lips are oily all the time. Haha

In summary, this box had a lot of promise. I won’t mind getting more Benefit loots! :) wink wink!

Prepara Trio Tri-Blade Peeler.


I saw this kitchen gadget at Gourdo’s earlier. And i just had to have this!

My friend, who I work with, bought a mandolin which we use to slice or julienne fruits and vegetables with. If you’ve seen or used a mandolin, you’d know your fingers are doomed! Both my friend and I have been “victimized” by that mandolin, her scars are worse than mine though! But it makes the job easier so we still use it with utmost care. Yeah, after being knicked three times, I learned my lesson! The hand guard didn’t really “guard” our fingers! :P

This tri-blade peeler could julienne, but may require a little more effort. However, my fingers would be totally, totally safe! That’s basically the selling point! Hehe. I have my own mini-mandolin, which I can use to slice veggies with. So that’s not a problem.

I’ll post pictures soon and update on this gadget’s performance.

** UPDATE ** This tool is awesome! It takes some getting used to, but works perfectly. My colleagues even prefer using this over the old one provided in the kitchen!
I realized later on that the tip (top most part) acts as a corer for potato eyes. (I dunno how else to call ‘em!)
I mostly use the plain blade for “hard-skinned” veggies such as potatoes and cucumbers. Works like a charm!
I have also tried the Julienne blade when I made spring rolls. It was a challenge at first, but it was smooth sailing once I got the correct rhythm. However, it was a bit messy! Strips of vegetables flying everywhere! :)
I have yet to try the serrated blade for”softer-skinned” vegetables.
I guess the only downside is, it’s hard to clean. There are a lot of parts to this peeler and the dirt, especially from potatoes, tends to get into the holes and the dirt also stains the white portion of the peeler. Cleaning this, I had to soak it with soap, water and a little bleach. Then I had to use a toothbrush to remove the dirt on the hidden areas.
I rate this tool 4.5/5. 👍

Unboxing of October BDJ Box.



Today, I received this month’s BDJ Box.  I just got home from work when I saw it on my table.  I hurriedly changed my clothes and opened the boxes.  Yes, boxes.  I was THAT excited!  So here are the contents of the boxes:


DIAL CLEANSING PAIR: Dial Coconut Water Body Wash & Dial Coconut Water Soap

These products contain coconut water and will hydrate the skin when used.  I have never tried coconut body washes before so I am looking forward to using these products!  And did I mention they totally smell great?!


MY CHOICE SMOOTH SKIN PACK: My Choice Spa Salt & My Choice Hand and Body Lotion

I love Papaya products.  I use Papaya soap alternately with my regular Dove soap.  This one is of different form: bath salt.  I haven’t used bath salts before, but I might become a convert after trying this product out!  My skin is really sensitive and easily reacts to products with strong scents and chemicals, so the lotion I might re-think to use.
UPDATE: The bath salt is really nice! My skin feels so soft and smooth after use! I’ve used this only twice, but the results are amazing!



I have been having hair fall problems lately.  Could be because of stress or again, the kind of hair products I use.  This might be a simple solution to that problem.  This pack contains 7 vials and is good for 2 weeks, with every other day use.
UPDATE: I’ve used up 3 vials so far, and yes, there’s less hair fall.


L’OREAL PARIS YOUTH DUO: L’Oreal Revitalift Laser x3 Serum & L’Oreal Revitalift Laser x3 Anti-Aging Day Cream

Anti-Aging stuff bothers me a little.  I mean, people get old.  That’s a natural part of life!  But I also get that people can and/or should age gracefully!  These tubes only contain 5ml of serum and cream.  Will I see results before the tubes are finished? =P



I’m not a big eye shadow user, so I might only get to try this when there’s an occasion or on my date with Don tomorrow! Haha



This product contains Baikal Powder which rebalances skin and minimize pores.  Dab the gel on your T-Zone for all day protection against blemish and shine.  I wonder if this will work while working in the kitchen for 8 hours?!

PicMonkey Collage

STRIP RPT KIT: Strip Ice Cream, Malin+Goetz Peppermint Body Scrub & Malin+Goetz Ingrown Hair Cream

This couldn’t have come at a better time!  I just got waxed yesterday!  If these products work as publicised, I will immediately buy more of these!  The Ice Cream is NOT edible!  It is used to calm inflamed skin: for post-waxing treatment.  The Body Scrub and Hair Cream will prevent and eliminate ingrown hairs.

UPDATE: I had just waxed when I got this box, so this was timely. I used the Strip Ice Cream right away. Very disappointed by how little the “sample” was. The amount of cream isn’t even sufficient to cover one underarm! The other 2 sachets had more in it. However, these products do work. Would have had a better experience if I got full coverage! Haha

* Will update this post for reviews!