Tonight is Healthy Night!

So tonight, I decided to prepare High Protein wrap for dinner. Had roasted sesame dressing on the side for more flavor. 

Unfortunately, I cannot share the recipe with you. 😬 But this is the only way I could make Don eat some vegetables! Sshhh… He doesn’t know I just tricked him! Haha

It’s one of my favorite recipes from work, too! It fills your appetite without really eating a lot! 👍🏻

Cebu Day 4.

Don hired the same tour guide again for a Cebu-Mactan tour. We’ll be staying in Mactan for the rest of the trip, so it’s very timing.

We checked out and left the hotel at around 8:30am. Although we couldn’t contact the place, we headed straight to Betty’s Botanical Garden in Cantipla. We were able to locate the place, but we had to go down a very steep, rocky and muddy rough road. Yes, that’s 4 adjectives. I think you can hire a habal habal, but this was technically unplanned so we had no choice but to walk. About 500-600 meters away from the main road. Had  asthma attacks both going down and going back up. I didn’t really enjoy this part! I was upset halfway through and I didn’t even bother to go around anymore. Going back up was a lot harder. I don’t know how the locals survive such road, especially when it’s raining!

Next on the list is Tops Lookout. There’s an entrance fee of Php 100.00 per person. You can see a panoramic view of Cebu City. The best time to go is either around sunset or at night. Going there during the daylight doesn’t really give it the wow dramatic factor. Just imagine this skyline at night!

Nearby, there’s the Temple of Leah. Php 50.00 entrance fee per person. It was opened to the public just recently. It is still being constructed, but the structure already looks amazing.  The temple is Roman inspired, thus the intricate columns, details and statues.

This temple was built as a tribute to Leah Villa Albino-Adarna by her husband, Teodorico Adarna, to represent his undying love for her.

Resto-Rants #004

Cebu is famous for its lechon, a roasted suckling pig dish. A lechon is a traditional staple during birthdays or any special occasion and fiestas in the Philippines.  And now it’s made even commercialized that they only roast bonesless lechon belly  instead of the whole pig.

With that said, we had to try it out! While everyone “claims” that they’re the best or the original, it’s still subjective to a person’s taste preference.

We had dinner at Zubuchon in Mango Square.  It was late and so I think they didn’t have the “good” parts anymore. The server was even unsure if there are any crispy lechon skin left to serve!

Although it’s late, there were still quite a number of people dining. The only problem is – there’s only ONE waiter/server to tend to all incoming customers.

 The Boneless Zubuchon is what we ordered. I must say… The taste is too plain – not special in any way. It was tender and not a lot of the skin was crispy.  :/ There’s not much to say anymore.

  We also ordered Squash Soup. Presentation wise, it’s appealing. It tasted like squash with cream, no umph though!  Haha I had to put a little soy sauce to bring out the taste even more. It was way more delicious after that. So I think a touch of salt would have made it better.

At this time we were almost full, but the Dessert Sampler looked so appetizing! And it did not disappoint!

  • The mangoes were a bit sour maybe because it’s not in season.
  • The buttered kabug wrapped in banana leaves is a native delicacy made of millet, sugar and coconuts, resembles a suman.
  • Biko, another native delicacy made of glutinous rice, brown sugar and coconut milk, was warm and very tasty!
  • The flan was also creamy and the sweetness level was just right.

L to R: Ripe Mangoes; Buttered Kabug (under); Biko; Leche Flan

Service: It was fast considering there’s only one server. He was able to answer questions about the lechon. And also readily refills our drinks.

Value for money: I’d say it’s average. Price is reasonable.

Overall Experience: This is definitely NOT the best Cebu lechon. But considering it’s the star of the show, it is decent enough to eat.


Cebu Day 3.

For our third day, Don hired a tour guide. We agreed to leave at 4:30am to go Whale Watching in Oslob. And boy, that was so much fun!

We paid Php 500.00 each for the whale shark snorkeling plus Php 100.00 entrance fee. All gears are included in the fee. There’s a brief orientation: do’s and dont’s. Then we were off to the boat.  You have 30 minutes to take as many photos as you want. You can rent an underwater camera and they’ll provide you a CD for Php 550.00.  Don bought a GoPro Camera the day before our trip, so it came very handy!  I probably drank 2 liters of fishy sea water during this activity, but it was all worth it! The whale sharks were so near us. They looked friendly and not scary at all. They are fed every morning while entertaining tourists and let loose around noon.

 We ate breakfast after taking a quick shower before heading off to the next location. Random thought: This is what I want to see everyday when I retire. Haha Continue reading

Cebu Day 2.

We woke up a little later than planned, so we decided to skip breakfast at Abaca Baking Company.

Next on the list was going to JY Square Mall to buy tablea for my mom. Had to taste Tabléa‘s Sipping Dark Chocolate before I actually buy something. 🤓 It comes in a tiny cup, but hmmm… It is sooo good! There’s a balance of sweetness and bitterness. 👍🏻 Perfect to start my day! Bought 3 Argao tablea packs, 2 for mom and 1 for me!

 Since it’s almost lunch time, we decided to  eat lunch at Casa Verde.  Read my separate review here. Continue reading

Resto-rants #003.

I have not done this in a while, but I’ll give it a go. The sequence may be different from the ones I have done.

Don gets his which-restaurant- to-eat-at via Zomato reviews. I, on the other hand, read blogs to get a full perspective.

So he suggested Casa Verde in IT Park for lunch. Again, based on reviews and stars!


The ambiance is nice. The walls are plastered with old movie posters, memorabilias and car plates. Something to look at and keep you busy while waiting for your food. Ample dramatic lighting and festive Christmas decors are a plus. In my opinion, more like a diner type of feel.

 The most obvious choice of food is the Brian’s Ribs. Don also ordered The Best Sampler and Seafood Carbonara. For drinks, I had the Strawberry Milkshake and he had Raspberry Iced Tea.

The Seafood Carbona was served first. Weird, because the appetizer should be the first course, right?

The Seafood Carbonara have shrimp and squid in creamy sauce. It is served with a bread roll with honey butter on the side.

The pasta was bland. Seriously. It’s just pasta with cream. We had to ask for salt and pepper. A little dash here and there made it tastier, but not extraordinary. Kudos for the squid though. It was tender, not rubbery. The honey butter needed a little salt, too.

The Best Sampler and Brian’s Ribs were served simultaneously.

The Best Sampler comes with Golden Fried Cheese, Potato Skins and Buffalo Wings.  Dipping Sauces are Marinara Sauce, Sour Cream and Bleu Cheese.

Where to begin? Well, honest to goodness, this is not The Best Sampler. It could have, but it wasn’t in this case. The mozzarella sticks were not crunchy/crispy as you’d expect. I want to say soggy, for lack of a better term. But it was that. If this was deep fried, then you’d expect the CRUNCH, right? The marinara sauce compliments this item.

The potato skins were okay. The bacon bits and cheese enhanced the flavor.  This is best dipped in sour cream.

Lastly, the buffalo wings. This I liked. It is spicy, but oh so good. The supposed bleu cheese dip lacks the bleu cheese taste. It was bland, felt like an unseasoned plain cream cheese.

Now, the Brian’s Ribs. The menu description is —

Once you taste me, youʼll never forget me…

Our best seller! Baked pork ribs with a sweet, tangy piquet sauce served with rice and corn and carrots.

First, it is tender. I give it that. Don says it’s not as fall off the bone as he’d want the ribs to be. My first bite: extremely sweet. And that’s all I could taste. No tangyness whatsoever. I even joked, I cook better ribs than this!  #sorry  And it’s a sad looking plate!

The Strawberry Milkshake was really good! Different than the usual Pancake House version.  The syrup makes the difference.

Value for money: The food is reasonably priced. Not bad at all.

Service: The servers are attentive, not very interactive though. No suggestions/recommendations were made.

Overall: A pleasant experience. The food is a bit disappointing, but there were some redeeming items.


I’m giving it 1.5 Chef Yum Yums. It could just be this branch?!

Cebu Day 1.

Don and I planned to go to Cebu for our anniversary this year. And we’ll be staying for 6 days – to be divided between Cebu City and Mactan tours and hotel stays.

I came from a Christmas party the night before our flight. I came home at 2:00am, rested, took a bath, ate and finalized packing before leaving for our flight at 5:40am.

At this time I have been awake for 21 hours. My eyes are ready to shut down anytime. I fell asleep while the plane was still boarding passengers… Until the person beside me started snoring loudly and woke me up. I looked to my right and realized that he was leaning towards me!  And by the way, it felt like the worst plane ride ever! And I’ve been on a plane while there’s a storm!

So anyway, upon arrival in Mactan International Airport, we went straight to our hotel in Cebu City via Uber. Needless to say, I fell asleep on that ride, too!

We arrived at Sampaguita Suites pretty early, maybe 8:20am. Luckily there’s a room available so we were able to check in early. And since it started raining when the plane landed (apparently there’s a storm), there’s no point in going out for the city tour. Sleeping in was the next option! Yey! Continue reading